Simplify everything.

  • Are you too busy and sometimes overwhelmed?
  • Do you wonder if you're doing what really matters?
  • Do you crave a simpler, more balanced lifestyle?

You can love your life!


*Shorter to-do lists.    

*Feeling calmer every day.   

*Living what truly matters most.   

*Actually achieving your goals.  

​The Joyful Life Quarterly Playbook is the genius organizing tool you need! 

The 2019 Cover will be available soon!


Or order the current cover if you can't wait.

Planner is undated so you can start at any time.


"Don't just dream about the life you want. Make it happen!"

You need a simple system to keep track of EVERYTHING and ensure that you're doing what matters most


I give you permission to live life based on YOUR values and to make time for YOU a priority! 

I'm honored to have you consider the Joyful Life Playbook & Planner to help you do what's most important to YOU so you can live a life you truly love this year.  

As the founder of the popular website where I've helped hundreds of thousands of women get organized and love life, I'm passionate about helping women just like you to maximize their time, money, space and relationships.

I also know what it's like to be busy trying to juggle marriage, motherhood and making money. I understand how overwhelming life can be at times.

For the past five years, I've used a unique planning process that has radically transformed my happiness, time management and productivity -- and helped me to live a life I truly love.

I want to share this life-changing process you. 

Use this tool book to live the joyful, purposeful life you deserve!

With the Joyful Life Playbook you will:  

Gain Clarity

Determine your true priorities so you can truly live your best life, not simply exist from day to day.   

Stay Focused 

Maintain your focus so you can manage your time well and accomplish your top goals.  

Feel Happier 

Create a weekly plan that enables you to do what's most important AND take care of yourself.  

"I'm so excited ..."

"I'm so excited! Thank you Kimberlee for all the effort you put into designing this. It really has helped me to have a balanced perspective on my 2017 and look to 2018 with an open mind."

- Rhiannon (Peaceful Mom Reader) 

"It happened because it was in my planner..."

"I used the Joyful Life Playbook to evaluate 2017 and plan for 2018. I'm super excited!! I have my big picture goals, my steps to get there and my bite-size action steps all planned out and I incorporate those into my weekly plan so I make sure my time is going towards meeting my goals. 

We had our first family meeting tonight and have planned some fun activities for this weekend. It happened because it was in my planner.

- Michelle (Peaceful Mom Reader) 

"Love the Review Sections ..."

"I love the review section in the very beginning -- it's super thorough! The weekly "things to celebrate" and then the weekly goal boxes make sure that I'm staying on track with my goals and not losing them in the busyness of the week. Thanks!" 

- Brenda  (Peaceful Mom Reader) 

"Everything I need in one place ..."

"The Joyful Life Playbook contains everything I need - setting goals, the scheduling, etc. I also like the sections to celebrate your achievements and reflect on the past week. I don't do that very well and this will help me to implement that."

- C. (Peaceful Mom Reader) 

Your Complete Organizing and

Simplifying System for the New Year. 

"Simple steps to a brilliantly organized & joyful YOU!"


  • ​Start or Re-Start Any Time with the Flexible UNDATED Weekly Plan Format that Provides Gentle Structure.
  • Identify Your Top Priorities and Goals with Insightful Exercises in the CLARITY Section.
  • Adjust Your Focus as Life Changes with QUARTERLY AND MONTHLY REVIEWS. 
  • Carry Your Planner Anywhere with its Lightweight Coil Binding For Portability (print version).
  • Express Yourself Creatively with Interior Black and White Pages.  
  • Plan, Think, Dream, Doodle and Record Memories with the Flexible Spaces in Each Weekly and Monthly Spread.

Packed with Everything You Need to:



Decide Your True Priorities

 Thought-provoking questions help you determine your values and top priorities in multiple areas.

Reflect On The Previous Month & Quarter

Guided exercises enable you to gain perspective on where you've been. 

Choose a Powerful Theme Word.

Insightful process guides you to a theme word that motivates and centers you.

Envision the Month Ahead.  

Thoughtfully designed vision boards enable you to visualize what you want to accomplish.

Plan Your Week Like a Boss.

Unique format and undated plans provide gentle structure yet allow for creativity and flexibility.

The 2019 Version Will Be Available Soon!

Take a peek inside the 2018 Version to see more of what's inside.



Create a life you love!

Join thousands of women and live the life God created you to live —

no matter what your circumstances.

Don't Miss Out!

You Deserve a Joyful, Purposeful Life. 


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