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Finally live your most joyful, peaceful, organized life with this simple tool! 

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Is this you? Scattered. Disorganized. Anxious.

You're creative, but easily distracted.

Your to-do list is long, but you're not doing what you really want to do.

Your anxiety is constantly sneaking up on you.

Your house could be neater, but you can't find the time.

You just ordered take out AGAIN.

You feel like you're struggling...  Every. Single. Day.



True Productivity isn't about doing MORE things.

It's about doing the RIGHT things.


Welcome to your focused happy life!

The Joyful Life Playbook & Planner is the
life-changing tool you need.

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To live your most peaceful, intentional, happy life you need three things:

1. An easy way to know exactly what you want.

2. An awesome plan to get what you want.

3. A way to break your plan into simple steps you can incorporate into your everyday life.

The Joyful Life Playbook & Planner gives you all three in a simple system to keep track of EVERYTHING so you can do what matters most.

Why the Joyful Life Planner Works

Prevents Phone Distraction  

You lose 23 minutes trying to refocus every time you're interrupted or switch tasks on your phone.


Incorporates Handwriting

You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you hand write them versus typing them.


Encourages Visualization 

You are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish a goal if you vividly describe or visualize it.

Focuses on Gratitude

Regular gratitude journaling has been shown to result in a 5% to 15% increase in optimism.  



So Much More Than a Planner! 

"The Joyful Life Playbook and Planner is so much more than a planner. It asks questions that I needed to answer like “What are my values?" and "What deserves my time and effort?”


There are plenty of prompts like the "Must Do’s This Month" and categories for Personal, People, Projects that keep me on track.

The calendar is also undated, which is perfect. If you miss a week, you don’t end up with wasted dated pages and the guilt that can bring! Planning isn’t perfect and you are encouraged to evaluate and celebrate as you go along.

Beth Joyful Life Planner Raving Fan

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With the Joyful Life Playbook & Planner You Will Enjoy:


More Time

You'll waste less time because you'll have a simple, meaningful plan to follow so you can eliminate distractions and take back your time. 


More Focus

You'll have a plan to get the important tasks done. Goodbye decision fatigue!  


More Freedom

Eliminate busy work so you can actually enjoy so free time to do what you like. More time to play with your kids, indulge in a hobby or relax with your significant other.  


More Confidence

You'll have the confidence that you're doing what's most important and you can go about your day guilt free!  

Hey Friend!

I want you to live a peaceful, joyful, intentional life based on YOUR values. I also want to give you permission to make time for YOU a priority.

I'm honored that you're considering the Joyful Life Playbook and Planner to help you in your journey to a beautiful life.

As the founder of the popular website where I've helped hundreds of thousands of women get organized and love life. I'm passionate about helping women just like you to maximize their time, money, space and relationships.

I also know what it's like to be busy trying to juggle marriage, motherhood and making money. I understand how overwhelming life can be at times -- especially now.

For the past  eight years, I've used a unique planning process that has radically transformed my happiness, time management and productivity -- and helped me to live a life I truly love.

I want to share this life-changing process you. 

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What Joyful Life Planner Users Are Saying:

Camille JOyful Life Planner Raving Fan

"Everything I need in one place..." 

 "The Joyful Life Playbook contains everything I need - setting goals, the scheduling, etc. I also like the sections to celebrate your achievements and reflect on the past week. I don't do that very well and this will help me to implement that."

Rhiannon JOyful Life Planner Raving Fan

"I'm so excited!"

"I'm so excited! Thank you Kimberlee for all the effort you put into designing this. It really has helped me to have a balanced perspective on my year and look to the new year with an open mind."

Tammy JOyful Life Planner Raving Fan

"So happy with the design of your planner."

I'm so very happy with the design of your planner and love that you've done the evaluate/celebrate/thankful/goals/action plan section for each quarter. Thank you for putting your gifts to such great use and blessing others with the fruits of your talented labors."

Brenda JOyful Life Planner Raving Fan

"Love the Review Sections!"

"I love the review sections in the very beginning -- it's super thorough! The weekly "things to celebrate" and then the weekly goal boxes make sure that I'm staying on track with my goals and not losing them in the busyness of the week. Thanks!" 

Michelle JOyful Life Planner Raving Fan

"It happened because it was in my planner!"

 "I used the Joyful Life Playbook to evaluate this past year and plan for next year. I'm super excited!! I have my big picture goals, my steps to get there and my bite-size action steps all planned out and I incorporate those into my weekly plan so I make sure my time is going towards meeting my goals. 

We had our first family meeting tonight and have planned some fun activities for this weekend. It happened because it was in my planner!

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Take a Peek Inside!  

Visualize Your Month

Those who visualize their goals are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to achieve them. The Monthly Vision Boards will help you to focus on what you truly want in the next 30 days.

Set 90 Day Goals

Research shows that setting goals for 3 month or 90 day increments exponentially increases your success rate in accomplishing those goals.

Focus On What Really Matters

Conquer distraction with the Weekly Plan's focus on 3 key areas:

Personal- the self care you need so you can fulfill your responsibilities

People - the relationships you want to enrich

Projects - the tasks that need to be done that week

Celebrate Your Progress

Each week you'll be prompted to review the blessings, successes and happy surprises of the previous week so you can take time to enjoy and feel gratitude for what's positive in your life.

Evaluate What Needs to Change

Each quarter you'll be prompted to review the previous three months to determine what worked and what needs to change. You also have space for gratitude journaling for all that went right in your life during the previous quarter.

Get your Joyful Life Playbook & Planner Now!

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You're Going to Love It!

I love life and I want YOU to as well. 

Don't miss this simple yet genius tool for your most beautiful life!