Weekly Goal Planner

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Click to print TPM Weekly Goal Planner. Click here to print the Blank TPM Weekly Goal Planner (write your own priority areas).

One way that I live a purposeful life is to make a weekly goal/to do list in each of the areas of my life. Sometimes I miss a week, but I try to spend Sunday evening planning for the week ahead. I write my goals in the top portion of this form and then I choose my most important priority for the week and write it by the number 1 on the bottom of the form.

I continue writing items in order of priority until I have a list of the top ten to twelve things I need to accomplish during the week. I then schedule those items on my Weekly Planner (click here to view and print).

I don’t always get everything accomplished, but having the goals set for the week ensures that I get some of the most important items done and it helps me to drive my life, not be driven by it.


You can see my current Weekly Plans here.


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