be happy: Creative Projects From This Week

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be happy -- increase your creativity and your happiness with these ideas -- The Peaceful Mom

Want to be happier? Make time for creativity in your life! My favorite creative projects right now are art journaling and painting but there are endless ways to express yourself creatively: sewing baking dancing singing doodling writing cooking creatively decorating wood carving jewelry making Whatever allows you to express your uniqueness is a form of […]

4 Simple Ways to Break Perfectionism & Live Happier

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How to Beat Perfectionism

4 Simple Ways to Break Perfectionism and Live Happier Want to simplify your life and enjoy less stress? I have a tip for you: Obliterate perfectionism. I’m a recovering perfection-aholic myself but trying to be perfect and do everything perfectly kept me stressed out, constantly frustrated and distracted from what truly matters in my life. Over the […]

Organize Paperwork FAST!

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Organize Your Paperwork Fast -- 3 Steps to a Clean Desk In 10 Minutes -- The Peaceful Mom -

We all have paperwork that needs to be taken care of and, if you’re like me, it’s not your favorite task. Allowing those papers to pile up, however, is an emotional and mental drain and can even cost you money. Scattered papers mean missed bill payments, late fees, additional charges and may even result in […]