My Biggest Parenting Mistake

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My Worst Parenting Mistake -- The Peaceful Mom

I generally shy away from giving parenting advice, mostly because I figured out not too far into the gig that I don’t know that much. But now that our children are ages 15 to 21 and we’ve been at this a while, I can safely say that I have learned a few things — mostly because […]

I Am Orlando

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city lights 2

Since I first began blogging in 2009 I have kept my location under wraps for the protection of my children, but after the events of this past week I am coming out of the shadows and declaring that Orlando is my city.   Friends of mine know Christina Grimmie’s family and spoke with Christina at what would […]

Our Budget Kitchen Update pt. 2

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Becoming Debt Free -- Kitchen Update on a Budget -- The Peaceful Mom

Our Budget Kitchen Update In case you missed our big news from August of last year, our family was surprisingly able to purchase a house after ten long years of renting following a foreclosure and bankruptcy. Even though the house is a definite fixer upper, it’s a huge blessing to us and we are content to update […]