What I Learned When My Daughter Passed Out

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Why You Need Clear Spaces in Your Home -- from The Peaceful Mom

FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestE-mailLinkedIn Last week we had a little excitement around our house when a neighbor called to tell me that my daughter had passed out in her driveway from heat exhaustion. I was in the middle of working but I immediately drove to pick her up and make sure that she was okay. At that point it […]

1 Task You MUST Do This Week + My Weekly {simplify} Plan

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Weekly Plan June 22 -- Simplify so that the necessary may speak -- The Peaceful Mom

FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestE-mailLinkedIn Get Organized! Manage your time, simplify your life and live your true priorities with a weekly plan. Take a look at my plan and create your own with my FREE customizable planner! Read more details about how I plan here. Wow! The last two weeks have been a little crazy with unexpected “fun” like the freezer breaking and […]

My Decluttering Test: Konmari vs. 10 Minutes a Day

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Konmari Decluttering vs 10 Minutes a Day -- the results -- from The Peaceful Mom

FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestE-mailLinkedIn I’m sure that by now you have heard the word “Konmari” and maybe you’ve already tried it. Today I’m sharing the first results of my Konmari test and letting you know what I think.       Konmari is a method of decluttering developed by Japanese organizer Marie Kondo and described in the book The […]