5 Days to Budget Breakthrough Book

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orange checkmarkDo you have less than $500 in savings? 


orange checkmarkDo you have credit card statements piling up? 


orange checkmarkDo you always wonder where your money went every month? 


orange checkmarkDo you feel like you are getting nowhere financially? 



 Then you need a Budget Breakthrough!


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I admit it. We were stupid with our money for years, but we have truly changed our life by changing the way we deal with money.

In this book, I share my real-life secrets so that you can change YOUR money and YOUR life too!


In 5 Days to Budget Breakthrough, I give you practical steps broken down into five days with tasks for each. Take each step one day at a time, and watch your finances change immediately!

After the Breakthrough, I give you tips to keep your money headed in the right direction. This is no New Year’s resolution that you abandon in a month. This is REAL change!


What readers are saying:


“Kimberlee – that was, by far, one of the most helpful things I have ever read on budgeting etc. Absolutely amazing! Thanks again for that awesome book, will recommend it to my friends and family!” — Andrea


“The book is absolutely wonderfully written!! I’ve read a good bit of financial books and I think yours may be the easiest to follow that I’ve read. I’m so excited to share what I’ve read in your book with my husband. You have blessed us more than you know! Thank you!”  –Tara


“You have a unique perspective and information that I haven’t read anywhere else. I love your sense of humor too!” — Brenda


“I have to congratulate you on this new e-book! It is amazing! Fantastic! You write in a way that really motivates us, and your money advice is so practical, clear and honest. I will surely be able to put my finances in order after reading this book.” — Sandra


 “I just read the whole thing. You’re just, well, awesome!! Enjoyed it greatly and can’t wait to implement this into my life!”  — Alison



5 days to budget breakthrough 3D cover

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