The Most Important Task On Your To Do List

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The Most Important Task On Your To Do List - The Peaceful Mom


To Do Lists – We all have them whether they are actually written down or simply floating around in our heads. As moms, those lists fill up quickly:

buy groceries

wash uniforms

prepare snacks for practice

make dentist appointment

pick up the dry cleaning

fix dinner


It is all too easy to become distracted with the seemingly urgent tasks that bombard us every day and to push the truly important parts of life to the side – and one of the most important items to add to that list is time off for YOU.

As I mentioned previously on the blog, I had the privilege this week of attending a conference to improve my public speaking. I received lots of great ideas and practical help (but very little sleep!). One of the concepts that I firmly believe, and which the conference speakers emphasized, is the need to prioritize in order to be successful in any endeavor.

No matter what you say your goals and values are, if you don’t schedule them, they don’t happen.

So I am taking my own advice and scheduling some much needed rest time for the next couple of days to regroup after all of the busyness. 


Stay tuned for lots of great information and inspiration coming your way next week and thanks for being a follower of The Peaceful Mom!


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  1. Emilie says

    Thank you for the reminder that it is okay to relax and that’s important to get enough sleep.

    I have tried to add things that relax me or are something I enjoy into my top 10 activities of the day: read, gratitude journal, writing and my morning devotional. These things relax me and also help me sleep at night.

    Even though I have been told a million times that if I do not take care of myself, I can not take care of anyone else, I still really struggle to put myself first. I am at least trying to make myself a priority a little bit of each day. This lets me focus on my family and my job for most of the time which is what I believe is the most important and does bring me joy. I have to realize and accept that the world will go on if the dishes are not washed or the laundry is still in the dryer. They will be there tomorrow :)

    • says

      “I have to realize and accept the world will go on if the dishes are not washed or the laundry is still in the dryer.”

      So true! As a matter of fact, you just reminded me that I left a load of towels in the dryer from this morning – ha!

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