Time Secrets (no one tells you): Secret #3

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Time Secrets (no one tells you0 - The Peaceful Mompinit

Time Secrets (no one tells you)

Everybody loves a secret, right? Well, for the next couple of weeks I’m letting you in on a few secrets that help me organize my time so that I can accomplish more and live my true priorities.

Last week I talked about my Brain in a Binder – my very “un-cool” and “un-tech” way to organize my life (read more here).

Today I am revealing an epiphany which I had a couple of years ago:

Secret #3 -Organization is not a destination. It’s a journey.  [Tweet This!]

This is not a one-time deal. There is not a point in time where you arrive and suddenly your life magically transforms into a Mary Poppins movie where all goes well and people burst into song every few minutes.

Of course, if I asked you if you believed that you would reach a day of perfect organization you would probably tell me no, but many of us act as if we believe we will arrive there. Then when things go wrong or an organization strategy stops working, we feel like a failure and give up because we “will never be organized.”

The truth is that life is filled with change and we constantly have to evaluate what is and isn’t working and adapt. Some time management strategies that worked for me a couple of years ago don’t work as well now that life is busier, so I have to adjust. I am sure that it is the same in your life as well.


Action Point:

Take some time to identify what is NOT working for you. What areas of your life do you constantly feel disorganized in – meal planning, household chores, scheduling appointments, fitting in exercise, getting enough sleep?

What one change could you make that would make an immediate difference?

You may want to print a copy of my Goal and Action Planner here to help you get started. (It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.)


Tell Your Time Photo

I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago, but I just want to remind you to grab Amy Lynn Andrews’ e-book Tell Your Time.

It’s a quick read and enables you to jump right in and organize your life based on your priorities and values.

The e-book is just $2.99, and I will make $1.50 from your purchase, but I would recommend the book whether I made any money or not. It is truly the ONE thing that has helped me to keep my life on track with time management.

Click here to grab your copy.


What’s one area in which you constantly feel disorganized? Leave a comment. :)

We are all in this together!

[Click here to see more time management secrets.]


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  1. Andrea says

    Today I realised that my small calendar is not working for me, so I ordered a big one with enough room to put in appointments, to do lists, notes etc. I like to keep various papers in it (like a note I need to take to my dentist, last week’s train ticket etc and, well, it got a bit out of hand lately.
    As for the sleep, I tried to limit my Pinterest time (yes, I know haha) to my way to work. I love browsing it on the train and 20 minutes per day are really sufficient. On the way home I catch up on my favourite blogs 😉

    • says

      Wasting time on Pinterest is no joke! I was spending a couple of hours a day before I got a grip on myself – ha! I love the fact that your time has a physical boundary – once you get off the train, you are done. Really great idea Andrea.

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