My Weekly {recovery} Plan 1/13

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You know those days when things don’t quite go as planned? Well I had one on Friday of last week. My knee suddenly “failed” and I couldn’t move my leg in any direction without excruciating pain, or even let it “hang” while putting all of my weight on my other leg. There was no way to get me to the car, so we ended up having to call 911 and I was transported to the emergency room by ambulance.



After several tests and hours spent in the ER, the doctor admitted me because he could not figure out what the problem was.  24 hours later I still did not have a definitive answer, only a vague “Rest it and it will get better.” So, I left frustrated and still in extreme pain.

Finally on Saturday night my knee “popped” back into place while I was trying to get into the bed and the extreme pain was gone. I now have swelling, soreness and a limited range of motion, but I can definitely tolerate that compared to the extreme pain I had previously (well, except for the pain of the resulting medical bills).

So my plan for this week looks a little different:


PERSONAL –  rest, stay off my injured leg, drink 6-8 glasses of water every day

PEOPLE –  enjoy my family as they help me with my usual daily tasks

PASSION –  take advantage of the down time by reading a lot

PURPOSE – (wife) be grateful and appreciative to my husband for his extra work helping me this week, (mom) give hugs to my kids daily, (encourager) write what I can for the blog

PROJECTS – get better


What do you have planned this week? Leave a comment. :)


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  1. says

    oh my, Kimberlee!! Saying a prayer for your recovery to full use of the knee. My husband had a weird episode like that too – no diagnosis other than perhaps he twisted it wrong (he was getting up out of a “Indian style” kind of sitting on the floor – but felt no strain or anything – just sudden PAIN), maybe ligaments. Anyway, after x-rays, etc, they sent him home with a brace and pain meds. He was fine again after a few hours – although about twice since, he has felt like his knee was “about to catch” and STOPPED immediately because he felt like it might happen again.

    So, take it easy … enjoy the forced rest – God does that sometimes for His purposes. :)

  2. jennifer says

    So sorry to hear about the knee. I have a few thought for you about it as as I had the same problem last winter. It was so bad I finally consented to my husbands chiropractor who also attended our church. Long story shortened I’m not a chiro person (one of those marital differences…) but after that adjustment I had no problems until now. Since you’ve been exercising/walking changing your lifestyle I’m going to take a wild guess that possibly you’re now walking a bit differently and may have put stress on a nerves connected to your knee. Just a thought but when Momma can’t walk/drive a chiro is much cheaper and better than kneee sugery.

  3. says

    I discovered your website recently and though I’m not a mom, I relate to your sensible, Christian approach. I am an aunt and great-aunt. Recently I took the job at my church as bookkeeper, and I have found I’ve re-examined my own personal approach to finances as a result and am looking forward to your ideas for personal organizing and budgeting. Hope you get a rest and heal quickly. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  4. Sheila says

    Oh my goodness Kimberly! I hope you are back on your feet soon. I had the same thing happen to my knee ten years ago….horrible pain and couldnt straighten my leg. It let out three days later. It happened several times again after that episode. Dr was baffled. Turns out my knee cap does not track exactly right and when its stressed and bent, my leg muscles overcompensate and lock up. Physical therapy helped alot and I havent had it happen in a few years. Im careful not to kneel, sit indian style or stress that knee while bending or standing. Saying prayers for you!! Hope this is a one time thing

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