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If you’re like me (and a lot of other women!), keeping your space organized, clean and uncluttered is a constant project.  


Decluttering 10 Minutes A Day--Previous Projects--The Peaceful Mom

One of my goals for this year is to organize my home better. I have decluttered quite a bit (see all my 10 Minutes A Day Decluttering Projects here), but I want to do a better job of organizing all of the processes and tasks that need to happen on a regular basis.


28 Days to Hope for Your Home book cover

My friend and fellow blogger Dana White has a couple of really helpful resources if you would like to join me and do a better job of keeping your house clean and organized.

28 Days to Hope for Your Home is a book that will help you to develop habits over a period of four weeks that will produce real change in your home. Dana is not a professional organizer, but a mom with personal experience in being disorganized who has found real-life solutions (and she is hilarious!).

Click here to view more details.


 Drowning in Clutter ebook

You can also get Drowning in Clutter: Don’t Grab a Floatie, Drain the Ocean for just $3.00 right now. In Drowning in Clutter Dana shows you how to identify your unique clutter, break through Decluttering Paralysis and gain momentum so that you can rid yourself of clutter FOREVER! 

Click here to view more details.


What are your organization goals? Share in the comments.

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  1. Sharon says

    I have started to use color on my Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

    It has helped enormously so I and my partner can see the progress and highlights of our projects. I sometimes use background highlighting and sometimes use colored text. For example, I will use red for instructions to a web designer so my instructions don’t end up as part of the website copy.
    It saves a lot of time when I can say: pay particular attention to the figures in the blue column.

    Another help in keeping me organized is I resend important emails to myself, putting in meaningful keywords in the subject line so I can search for them easily years later.

    • says

      Great idea with the emails. I have started using Evernote for EVERYTHING. It is searchable by keyword so you can find anything later even if you just remember one word.

    • says

      Just type a key word for what you are looking for into the search function and it will bring up every note with that word in it. It’s one of my favorite features. :)

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