Stress Free Holidays Week 8: Family Fun Ideas & After Christmas Deals

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Baby Steps to Stress Free Holidays Week 8  - The Peaceful Mom


It’s the final week before Christmas and if you have been following the Stress Free Holidays plan with us, you are feeling relaxed and peaceful. I have just two steps for you this week:


Now is the time to enjoy all of your preparations and have fun with your family. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy the season:


Reindeer Donuts plain--The Peaceful MomMake these Easy Reindeer Donuts with the kids.



How to Make Mini Gingerbread Houses 1 - The Peaceful Mom

Create simple Mini “Gingerbread” Houses.



 Monte Cristo With Fontina Cheese 2--The Peaceful Mom

Cook these easy and delicious Fontina Monte Cristo Sandwiches for Christmas Breakfast.



More Holiday Fun!

Put together a Make Your Own Snowman Kit for neighbors or friends (or just enjoy it with your kids!)



Christmas Lights on Mantle - The Peaceful Mom

Add lights to everything!



 For more ideas, check out my Holidays Page here



Best After Christmas Buys - The Peaceful Mom -

Prepare for After Christmas Sales

As you know, the two weeks after Christmas are one of the best times of the year to find bargains. Check out my Best After Christmas Buys post here for details on what to look for.


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If you are feeling a little stressed right now, you may want to get my e-book Stress Free Holidays so next year can go more smoothly!

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