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New Car November 2013

After I shared our amazing car story, reader Conny left this comment on the post:

“WOW!! That gives me hope!!

Since our 3rd child was born about 4 years ago, I’ve been praying for a mini-van….instead, our 2nd car became completely unreliable which made me taxi-mom and also driver of a cramped little car with 2 growing teens and a car seat in the back. 

Still praying for a miracle second car … and thankful to see GOD can provide in unexpected ways (well, I know He can … just a good reminder!). :)”

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  1. Sandra says

    How wonderful!
    I am very happy for you, Kimberlee, and now for Conny!
    God is a real Father for us! He cares!

  2. says

    The last two cars I have were gifts from God. Believe me I know how humbling this can be. At the same time you have this feeling somehow that you just did something right for the first time in your Christian life. God Bless you.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing our story, Kimberlee! I know no better way to be thankful for our little miracle than giving GOD the glory for it … and maybe offering hope (like you did for me) to someone who is struggling, wondering if God can do the seeming impossible … because in His time, He can! :)

  4. Samantha says

    I love hearing these stories of God’s provision! When I found out i was pregnant with our third child and that we would be moving 15 hours away so hubby could attend seminary, I began to pray for a vehicle too. We were going to be without a salary for 3 years and didn’t need to take on a car payment, but I knew I couldn’t fit a baby seat, a booster seat, and an 8 year old in the back of my Honda Accord safely. And my Accord was getting on in years/mileage and we were worried about how it would handle multiple trips back and forth without investing some $$$ in maintenance. So we prayed. A few weeks before time to move, God led us through a friend to a salesman at a local dealership. He was going to show us a van we could afford and see what he could do about a trade in for our car. When I saw that van, my heart sank. It was ugly and awful, but I told God it would be fine if that was what he had for us. While the salesman was off checking numbers, we spied a red Caravan sitting near the door. It was pristine inside and had low mileage. They had just gotten it as a trade-in and it hadn’t even been cleaned yet. He checked the price and the payment amount fit in our budget. What a gift! We’re still driving that van 8 years later. It is showing its age a little, but it has been a wonderful van for us. God is faithful!

    • says

      Our previous van was also a God provision. I had done research on Consumer Reports and the most reliable minivan at that time was a 2000 Mazda MPV. We went into CarMax and what do you think was sitting at the door waiting to be test driven? A 2000 Mazda MPV, of course, and it was within our price range! Some people call them coincidences, but I believe that God cares about the details of our lives and knows what we need.

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