Decluttering 10 Minutes a Day: A Peek Into Our Living Room

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10 Minutes A Day Decluttering: A Peek Into Our Living Room 

Covered up with STUFF? Join us for the 10 Minutes A Day Decluttering ChallengeWe are taking just ten minutes a day to remove clutter from one area of our homes to simplify and make space to live our true priorities.

“I am convinced that clutter and disorganization are two of the greatest hindrances to staying focused on any vision or objective.”–Janice Van Chronchite, artist

My Progress


Decluttering November 2013 - The Peaceful Mom

These are my offerings to the “gods” of decluttering for this month – haha! Thankfully we have a garage to store this stuff in rather than having to keep the boxes in the house somewhere until I can take them to the donation center. I still have several boxes that I need to go through in the garage, but the house is looking much better.



Living Room November 2013 - The Peaceful Mom

This is our living room and yes, our television is that old. We only use it to watch dvds and we just haven’t felt the need to spend several hundred dollars on a new one. Although the walls look pink, they are actually a tan color (like a chocolate milkshake!).



 Living Room and Office View - The Peaceful Mom

This is the view from the living room into the office on the other side of the house. The door to the right goes to the kitchen (which you can view here). The cart in the upper right of the photo is leftover from our previous house in which we had no pantry and very little counter space. There is no room for the cart in the new kitchen, so I am basically using it as a mail and purse holder right now until I decide what to do for the long term.

We may decide to put bookshelves along the wall to the left, but for now we are enjoying the clean open space and lack of clutter.


Office November 2013 - The Peaceful Mom

Here is a view of the left side of the office that is not visible in the previous photo. Aside from the terrible tangle of wires beneath the desk, I am fairly happy with this room.

Did you make any progress this past month? Have any projects you want to work on?

Leave a comment–we’re in this together! :) (You can also leave a link to photos of your progress or your new project!)


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  1. Mary Cole says

    Your place looks awesome, very neat and tidy! The paint colour is pretty, I can’t stand neutral or white walls!

  2. Charmaine Mankey says

    Your home is beautiful, and so very much clutter free! I have sort of participated, doing little bits and pieces here and there–one success is that I now have two empty drawers in my craft cabinet. I donated all the crafts my daughters will surely never do to a local children’s hospital. Thank you so much for the 10 minutes/day concept. It’s (gradually) working!

    • says

      Thanks Charmaine! It has been a work in progress for us too. Notice I did not show you my garage –haha! Good for you for donating all those crafts. I am sure you will enjoy have a little more space. :)

      • says

        Ooooooooh I love your home. Ooh that space and tidiness. And your office. Yum. Thank you for sharing. I am committing to this ten minute a day de-cluttering. I loooove paper and books and could have them as my blankets to cover me in every room. Hee hee. I need to sort through stacks of papers on my desk which are now in one pile – looks tidier already. 😉

  3. says

    Oh my, you are a delicious love chop. Thank you. I sooooooooo love synchronicity. I have three empty folders – yes, three – sat on top of my pile of papers. Meant to be or meant to be? Meant to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Whoopeeeeeeeeeeee. Thank you. :)

  4. says

    Holy frogs. Thank you so much. Set the alarm for ten minutes and did the three folders. I had a little blip feeling in the middle of the time to go do something else and just observed it and refocused. And at the end of the ten minutes I was tempted to do another ten minutes. I didn’t though as I want to do another ten minutes tomorrow and be excited about it. Yippee. And I found a piece of paper I was looking for with some information and another thing I thought I hadn’t written down. Result bonanza. And that’s just ten minutes. You rock, girl. Thank you sooooooooooo much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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