Get Organized! My Weekly (getting refreshed) Plan 10/28

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My Weekly Plan 10-28-2013 - The Peaceful Mom {Click photo to enlarge.}


Get Organized! Manage your time, simplify your life and live your true priorities with a weekly plan.

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You can see last week’s plan here. I am so excited that I was able to mostly complete the ebook I have been working on, and I will be telling you more about it soon. I also had a date with my husband, but because the ebook took so much time I did not exercise as much as I had hoped and I did not do a 10 minute declutter.

This week I am focusing on being refreshed. Last week was fairly exhausting with working so many hours, so I plan on resting a bit more the next few days. I will be completing my Christmas Master Gift List (click here to print your own!) though, to start getting ready for some Stress Free Holidays! When I take the time to plan exactly who and what we are giving everyone, I spend less money and have a much more peaceful November and December!

You can read about my daily “Brain Dump” here”.

What do you have planned this week? Leave a comment. :)

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  1. sandra says

    I have waited for Cristhmas and vacation in January. We need it, after so much work!
    I would love to read more posts on God Provides. They are amazing!

    • sandra says

      I forgot to say I was reading your posts about God Provides,and God cares about donuts? made me smile. I too have experienced amazing provision and miracles in my life,and love to read other people’s stories. Next time I have a Blessing Tea at home we will share with each other all the blessings and miracles in our life.

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