Get Organized! My Top 5 Ways to Save Time Every Day

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5 Best Ways to Save Time Every Day--The Peaceful Mom


Top 5 Ways to Save Time Every Day

I’m busy. You’re busy. There is always plenty to do, but are you getting the most important things done and still enjoying your life?

Take a look at my top 5 ways to save time and try incorporating one or two of them this week.


Make a Weekly Plan

I set aside time every Sunday to plan for the week ahead– appointments, priorities, tasks to accomplish, meals. I then Schedule EVERYTHING on my calendar.

Planning for the week takes me 20-30 minutes, but it saves hours throughout the week. (Print a FREE Customizable Weekly Planner here.)


Create Time Pockets

My biggest time wasters are email, social media and internet surfing from all the links my friends share with me. To combat this monster time waster, I designate specific times of day to check email, voice mail and social media sites. I’ve heard it’s good to set a timer or alarm, but I haven’t gone that far yet.


Use the Quick Sort Method

Many of my responsibilities can quickly balloon into huge time suckers, so I use the “quick sort” method to quickly organize things before I get bogged down in the details. I have set up folders and filters in my inbox to sort emails into categories (read for business, read for fun, homeschool information, etc.). I just read about a reading service called Pocket that I will be trying out. I also have a mail sorting system at home where I quickly separate bills and correspondence, and trash the rest.


Create a Command Center

I have one designated space in my home where my keys and purse stay. You can also create a “dump station” for your kids’ backpacks, shoes, coats and anything else you need to get out the door. (A hallway closet is a great space for this.) The night before gather all the necessary items in the command center so you are ready to head out the door and don’t waste time looking for something when you are already late.


Start Dinner in the Morning

I admit it, one of my most hated duties is cooking dinner.



To make things easier on myself, I take a few minutes each morning to prepare part of dinner ahead of time. I marinate meat, prepare salad and anything else I can do ahead. You can watch my Easy Meal Prep Video here and read a sample Meal Prep Plan here.

What’s your biggest daily time saver? Leave a comment. :)

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  1. Glenda Hart says

    I make sure my kitchen is clean before I go to bed. Doing that allows me to start my day with a clean slate and makes the day feel so much more productive.

  2. says

    I use most of these ideas too. Makes a big difference. I have also found that it helps my day go more smoothly when I look at my to do list the night before. That and saying “no” more frequently to things that I truly should not be putting my time and energy towards during this season of my life.

  3. Deb says

    this may seem like a strange one but a few mintues doing what I might call a brain dump or a little creative writing about what I am worried about for the day seems to clear my mind and put my focus in the right place. often it looks like a letter to God Dear Lord how do I….

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