Get Organized! My Weekly (capturing life) Plan 9/16

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My Weekly Capturing Life Plan 9-16-2013--The Peaceful Mom{Click photo to enlarge.}


Get Organized! Manage your time, simplify your life and live your true priorities with a weekly plan.

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I divide my plan into five categories:

PERSONAL- habits that keep me healthy and happy

PEOPLE– activities that promote relationship with the people I love

PASSION– activities and experiences which enable me to enjoy life

PURPOSE– tasks that enable me to fulfill my purpose in life

PROJECTS– priority tasks that need to be finished this week


You can see last week’s plan hereI went on a date with my hubby (dollar movie theater), took my 16 year old out for ice cream, read 5 chapters in a business book, worked on my e-course and unpacked 1 box (my goal was 2).

I walked/ran 5 days, and biked one. A few of my new neighbors walk every morning at 6:00 a.m., so I joined them a couple of days, which was nice. I also took a much needed hour-long walk in a favorite park one morning, which really refreshed me.

My big accomplishment (which wasn’t even on the list), was teaching my 15 year old to enter information into our business accounting program. This saves me a lot of time and takes one more thing off my list of responsibilities (plus gives her a life skill)!


My focus for this week is capturing life, not letting those little moments pass me by without noticing them. We will be enjoying dinner with two of the families in our new neighborhood and I will be spending one-on-one time with my 12 year old.

My projects for this week are to unpack another box from the garage and to work on an e-course.


You can read about my daily “Brain Dump” here”and my Nightly Plan here.


What do you have planned this week? Leave a comment.


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