My $125 Budget Shopping Totals From This Week 8/23

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Aldi Produce 2013-8-23

My Shopping Totals: See how I feed my family of six (including 3 teens) for around $125/week, or just $500 a month. See our $125 Budget Weekly Menu here

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Aldi Meat and Dairy 2013-8-23Aldi Dairy, Meat and Frozen

I mentioned in my last Save Money on Groceries post that I have started shopping at Aldi’s again. It does help that it is close to our new house, but I was amazed at how low some of the prices were after having been away for a while.

Aldi Grocery 2013-8-23

Aldi Bread, Chips, Canned Goods

Even though I shopped without a list or menu (I’m still recovering from our move on Sunday and I just couldn’t get it together), I was still able to spend only $126 for all of this food.

ALDI–Total Spent $126.08

Publix 2013-8-23

PUBLIX-Spent $21.33.  

There were a few items that Aldi doesn’t carry, so I made a quick trip to Publix as well. The Hormel Natural Choice lunch meat was on sale, so I purchased a couple of extras for next week. I buy the Applegate Naturals because it has no sugar, and my gluten free child is avoiding sugar right now to try and get her skin issues under control.

Weekly Total: $147.41

August Monthly Total: $421.88   

($125/week budget for six people–I am over for this week, but my average is $105 per week for this month so far. Woohoo!)


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  1. Claire says

    That’s awesome, Kimberlee! I’m really impressed with how low you kept your August grocery budget, considering that you were in the midst of a relocation!

  2. Amanda A. says

    Growing up we shopped at Aldi’s. I wish there was Aldi’s stores here in Phoenix. You did a great job and I am glad that everything went good with the move.

  3. Isabella says

    You did well without your list! (I love your new kitchen too.) BTW, I was wondering if you and your readers have visited the blog “The Prudent Homemaker.” Brandy is amazing with her food budget and frugal lifestyle (seven young kiddos), and her photos are lovely. I highly recommend her if you are a hardcore frugalista! It’s always great to read more great tips, as I do here.

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