Summer Crafts for Teens: Twine Covered Bottle

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Crafts for Teens-Twine Covered Bottle (1)--The Peaceful Mom


Summer Crafts for Teens:   

Want to connect with your teens and pre-teens this summer? To help you, I am sharing electronic-free, budget-friendly crafts for you and your teens to do together (or for them to do alone if you like).

Our versions tend to be more “girly”, but you can easily adapt the crafts to a more masculine style if your teenage boy is interested. See all the Summer Crafts for Teens posts  here.

Today’s craft is a Twine Covered Bottle.


Clean glass bottle or cannister

Hemp Twine Bead Cord

Mod Podge

Foam Paint Brush

Other decorative elements



Using the sponge brush, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge around a small section of the bottle starting at the top.

Wrap the twine around the section where you have applied the Mod Podge, wrapping the twine tightly and pressing it onto the bottle as you go.

Once you complete a section, add more Mod Podge and continue the process, working your way down the bottle.

When you have completely covered the bottle or container, trim the excess twine and add more Mod Podge to adhere the end of the twine securely to the bottle.

Allow to dry. Apply a top coat of Mod Podge to the twine if desired.

Decorate with ribbon or other decorative elements.

Display bottle with dried or fresh flowers, or use cannister to store special items. If using fresh flowers, be careful not to get the twine wet.


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