My Shopping Totals {+ money saving tips!} 7/5

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Fun Friday Shopping Totals: See how I feed my family of six (including 3 teens) for around $125/week. See our $125 Budget Weekly Menu here

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Walmart 2013-07-05


If you read my Shopping Totals post last week then you know that I had limited time, so I shopped at only one store rather than my usual multi-store shopping trip. I was able to stick to the budget, so I tried shopping only one store again this week, but I chose Walmart.

I used Walmart’s Ad Match Guarantee to price match the following produce items:

strawberries $.99 cents 16 oz. container

blueberries $.99 cents per pint

cantaloupe $1.49

watermelon $2.99


Walmart B 2013-07-05

WALMART Grocery Items

I was able to price match the Athenos Feta Cheese Crumbles for $2.00 (4 ounce container) and the Bertolli Pasta Sauce for $1.99 (24 ounce jar). I also kept the budget lower by purchasing sale items like the frozen shrimp for $5 per bag. We will use the shrimp in our Garlic Shrimp Radiatore recipe–yum!


Walmart meat 2013-07-05


I was also able to price match boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.79/lb, which is the cheapest price in my area. I would have purchased more, but I did not have any room in the budget this week.

If you find a great deal on chicken breasts, try my 8 dinners in 1 hour Chicken Plan.


WALMART–Total Spent $134.85.


Weekly Total: $134.85

July Monthly Total: $134.85    

($125/week budget for six people, so a little over-budget for the week.)

Were you able to stick to your budget this week? Leave a comment. :)


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  1. says

    I hit budget too, but went to 5 stores in two towns. I live in a small town (think Mayberry), so check the locals there first. Then when I head into the ‘city’ for a doc. appt. I stop by the Wal-Mart (non in my town) and the Grocery Outlet. Was thrilled to see the yellow stickers on the beef, thought I was the only one who bought reduced meat : )

    • DeAnna G says

      I almost always buy the “red tag” meat. I shop about once every 3 months for meat and spend about $100 and that will last until I do the red tag meat shopping again. We get to eat a lot of steak shopping like this!

      • hannah says

        You got some great produce deals. I wish other stores would price match! After some really bad experiences with Walmart produce I refuse to buy anything fresh there. I wish they had higher quality products, but they don’t at least in my experience.

    • Amie says

      LOL. I love manager’s specials and mark downs on all things. I mostly shop Kroger and love to stock up on ripe bananas at 39 cents per pound, milk at 1.99 per gallon, and bread at 49 cents per loaf and freeze it as needed. I buy reduced meat when I can, but when I can’t, I try to spend $2 or less per lb on meat. Sometimes, with beef I’ll pay $2.50ish or more, but with pork an chicken, I can definitely do $2 or less. I also coupon a lot more, use dried beans, and grow my own berries and salad fixings which helps with my totals. I do occasionally price match at Walmart, but it is a head ache 90% of the time.

  2. says

    Really impressed how you managed to save WHILST still eating a balanced meals with lots of fruit and veg, good job!

  3. Vanessa says

    I had a budget last week of $100 for two people for two weeks. This is the first time in a long while I have given myself a strict budget (thanks to your wonderful blog). With my rewards card from the grocery store that my sister works at (we get a 15% discount on some things) and the coupons I had my total came to $99.38. I was so proud! Thanks for all your incredible tips!

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