Summer Crafts for Teens: How To Make A MiniZine

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How To Make a MiniZine--The Peaceful Mom


Summer Crafts for Teens:  How To Make A MiniZine

Want to connect with your teens and pre-teens this summer? For the next few weeks I will be sharing electronic-free, budget friendly crafts for you and your teens to do together (or for them to do alone if you like). See all the Summer Crafts for Teens posts  here.

Today’s craft is a MiniZine.

MiniZines are tiny booklets created digitally or by hand. They can cover any topic, contain artwork and personal illustrations, or be created from collage materials. They can be used for advertising purposes, be handed out to friends or sold over the internet.

To create your own MiniZine, choose a topic and follow the instructions below:


white paper 8.5 x 11 inches


Exacto knife or box cutter (optional) and cutting surface

glue stick

colored paper scraps

computer or typewriter to print writing

magazines or other print material for pictures



Fold the 8.5 x 11 inch white paper in half with the long edges together. Then fold it in half two more times so that you have eight sections like this:

How To Make A MiniZine--Step 1--The Peaceful Mom



The next step is to cut a slit in the paper, lengthwise between the two outer folds (this page has been folded in half lengthwise)

 How to Make a MiniZine--Cut a Slit--The Peaceful Mom

Make sure to only cut between the arrows so the slit goes from one end of the middle two sections to the other. The easiest way to cut the paper is to place it open on a magazine or cutting board and use an exacto knife, but you can also use scissors.


Your paper should now look like this (aerial view):

How to Make a MiniZine--Top View of Slit--The Peaceful Mom



Next push the edges of the long sides together to flatten the center out like this:

How to Make a MiniZine--Push the edges together--The Peaceful Mom


Here is an aerial view of what the book will look like when you are done:

How to Make a MiniZine--Aerial View of the Pages--The Peaceful Mom


And here is a view of the inside of the book:

How to Make a MiniZine--Inside View--The Peaceful Mom

Now you are ready to unfold the book and start decorating.

The finished MiniZine layout will look like this:

How to Make a MiniZine--Page Numbers--The Peaceful Mom

Note that you will need to turn the paper 180 degrees to add the content for pages 3-6, so that the MiniZine will work properly when finished.

Once you are finished, follow the steps above to re- fold your Zine.


Here’s a look at some of the Zines we have made:

How to Make a MiniZine--Bird Songs--The Peaceful Mom



How to Make a MiniZine--Examples--The Peaceful Mom

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  1. says

    I love this idea! I have a daughter who loves to draw and make up stories. She will love making her own magazines. I am seeing monthly subscriptions in her future……….

  2. Em says

    I have made these with kindergarteners in Sunday school.
    You can search on line for minibooks. I love how easy it is to cut and fold the paper once you do it a couple of times.
    I am going to show this to my 7 year old….he loves anything to do with paper!

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