Fun Friday Shopping Totals 2-8 {+ Grocery Saving Tips!}

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Fun Friday Shopping Totals: See how I feed my family of six (including 3 teens) for around $125/week. See our $125 Budget Weekly Menu here

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PRODUCE MARKET-Spent $43.69.

Grocery Saving Tip: Check local produce stands and ethnic markets. They often have much lower prices on certain items than chain stores.

I was able to purchase:

Red Bell Peppers $.50 each

Haas Avocados $.50 each

Cucumbers $.45 each

Pint Grape Tomatoes $1.49

Pint Cherry Tomatoes $1.49

5 lbs. Idaho potatoes $1.49 each

Pork Shoulder Picnic $.99/lb

Ground Beef $2.39/lb (good price for our area)

Large Honey Dew Melon $1.39

16 oz. Strawberries $1.50

PUBLIX-Spent $16.49.  

Grocery Saving Tip: When an item is on sale at its lowest price, buy as much as you can afford and use before it expires. I was able to get the Frosted Mini Wheats for just $2.20 a box. I could have purchased more, but I wanted to stay under budget this week to make room for take out pizza.


SAVE A LOT–Spent $36.20.

Grocery Saving Tip: Purchase staples at one low-cost store. I purchased 1 pound of butter for $2.49 (reg. price $2.99 and up), eggs for $1.75 a dozen (reg. price $2.75 and up), milk for $3.09 a gallon (reg. $3.69 and up), and wheat bread for $1.29 (reg. $2.59 and up). The other items you see here are all priced lower than similar items at Walmart and other stores in my area.  

Weekly Total: $96.38

February Monthly Total: $219.29  

($125/week budget for six people)
Need to lower your grocery bill? Read more about how I stick to a $125 a week budget in my Save More-Clip Less e-book.



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  1. katie says

    Good job coming in so far under budget! I’ve been doing good on my meal planning but bad on my shopping trips(too many impulse buys) but I have to say that today I wrote down prices as I bought everything and actually stuck to my list(mainly veggies and other perishables) and in doing that I didn’t go over!! yay! Your menu and grocery trip posts really motivate me to try to stay on budget and I really needed a kick in the pants to get back on track! Thanks for the motivation!

  2. says

    I love seeing all the fresh fruits and veggies you buy for your family! People always say its impossible to eat healthy on a budget but I think you have proven them wrong. I dont have as many mouths to feed as you do but I am spending so much less than I used to (about 80 a week) by meal planning alone. I still buy plenty of fresh fruits and veggies for my family. Thanks for your inspiration!!

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