Valentine Craft: DIY Pocket Hand Warmers

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Valentine Craft: DIY Pocket Hand Warmers is a guest post by Brie.

When colder weather comes around holding hands can be a problem. Gloves are bulky and bare hands are too cold! So when I needed a budget-friendly, no-spending Valentine’s Day gift idea, I turned to my craft box and Pinterest to find all the right ingredients for hand-warmers. 


sewing needle
fragrance (optional)


Cut out the same shape twice. This will be the front and back of the pocket warmer. (For Valentine’s Day, a heart shape is fun.)

Stitch along the edges with your needle and thread, leaving a small hole to fill with rice.

At this point you can fill the warmer with as much (or as little) rice as you like, and add fragrance. This can be something like peppermint extract (in my kitchen) or perfume.

Finish stitching and tie off.

Voila! Your little hand warmer can be warmed for 30 seconds in the microwave, then put immediately into a coat pocket. The warm rice will exaggerate any scent you added, reminding your loved one how much you care plus their hands will stay nice and toasty!


As an additional bonus, you could hide your hand warmers around the house with love notes in a Valentine’s scavenger hunt for your sweetie!


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Brie E. is scrimping, saving, coupon cutting crafter, filling her free time with Pinterest projects and helping her movie-making husband. You can find out more about their adventures in life and film at

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  1. Sterling Rose says

    I just love this idea & hope to get out to buy the felt needed so I can make them for my little guy! His hands are so cold in the mornings as we head to the bus stop & he still has trouble getting his fingers into gloves but he feels he’s too old (11 y/o) to wear mittens. So my little special needs son can keep his little fingers warm until he gets on the bus & each time he reaches in his pocket, he will think of me, which always makes him happy! Thank you!

  2. Sterling Rose says

    BTW, where do you find Peppermint extract? Would they just have that at the grocery store where you’d find other extracts? I’ve never noticed Peppermint (love love love that idea) but have never really looked for it!


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