Fun Friday Shopping Totals 1/25 {+ Grocery Saving Tips}

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Fun Friday Shopping Totals: See how I feed my family of six (including 3 teens) for around $125/week. See our $125 Budget Weekly Menu here

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This was a strange week. I forgot to buy butter last week and we ran out of eggs two days before my official shopping day, so I made two trips to Publix this week.

I normally would have price matched the meat I bought at Winn Dixie, but I was driving past the store on my way home from another errand, so I stopped in. I also paid full price for some fresh cherries, which is highly unusual for me, but my will power was in short supply. :)

PUBLIX-Spent $38.81.

 (not pictured: 1 dozen eggs, 1 lb butter, 1 bag pretzel twists)

 PRODUCE MARKET–Spent $26.68.

Grocery Saving Tip: Check local produce stands and ethnic markets. They often have much lower prices on certain items than chain stores. I was able to save about $15 by purchasing these items at our local ethnic market.

WALMART–Spent $41.02.

WINN DIXIE–Spent $41.17.

Grocery Saving Tip: Buy meat at it’s lowest price and freeze it for later. I will use one of the top round roasts this week for London Broil. The other will go in the freezer for next week.

Weekly Total: $149.68

Monthly Total: $450.90   

($125/week budget for six people–I’m over for the week, but I was under budget all month so my monthly total is still under the $500/month we budget for groceries.)
Need to lower your grocery bill? Read more about how I stick to a $125 a week budget in my Save More-Clip Less e-book.




How did you do this week? Leave a comment!



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  • Mandy

    Last week, Winn Dixie had butter for $2 per box (4 sticks). That price was less than warehouse clubs. I started looking at their ads for such sales as this one. I like how you plan breakfasts and lunches too. Lunch can be my achilles heel. Have a great weekend. Weather is marvelous!

    • Kimberlee

      I missed that last week. :( I usually buy extra when I find it for $2.00 or less and put some in the freezer.

  • Julie C

    I did great this past week! My SO was out of town for work, and so I was able to make my dinners (which also provided leftovers for lunches for 4 days this week) for just under $25 plus pantry/freezer ingredients. That included a package of boneless skinless chicken thighs that I got for $1.59/lb (around $5 for the whole package). I portioned out and froze them, and it will end up making 3 meals for us. I love it when I find a deal like that so I can stock up, it really saves so much money to do it that way. His parents are coming to visit for 4 days this next week but I love the challenge of seeing how low I can get my grocery bill even when feeding 4 adults!

  • Tanya R.

    I was almost out of butter too! I found some at Kroger as part of the Mega Event, though.

    I scored an amazing deal by getting 50 boxes of free wipes! Hopefully not buying wipes for a while will give me more room in my budget for food. If only I could get diapers for free. :)

  • Dani

    Hi Kimberlee,
    What deli meats do you use? We are looking for affordable “nitrate/nitrites free”. I’ve been reading up on this chemical and it is my understanding that it can lead to colon cancer.


    • Kimberlee

      We like Hormel Natural Choice. It’s in a brown cardboard box in the refrigerated cold cut section of most supermarkets.