Fun Friday Shopping Totals {+ Grocery Saving Tips!} 1/18

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Fun Friday Shopping Totals: See how I feed my family of six (including 3 teens) for around $125/week. See our $125 Budget Weekly Menu here

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PUBLIX-Spent $23.30.  

Grocery Saving Tip: Plan your weekly menu around super sale items. The feta cheese, Ken’s salad dressing and pasta were all on sale this week, and they all happen to be ingredients for my Greek Pasta Salad, so guess what’s on the menu!

Basing your menu around the weekly sale items enables you to buy products at the lowest price and keep your overall bill lower.


WALMART–Spent $70.21. 

(not pictured: (1) 24 oz. bag of tortilla chips, (1) 16 oz. box of raisins, 8 oz. shredded cheese, 3 oz. pack of pepperoni, 12 oz. pack of Hormel Natural Choice lunch meat, 20 oz. package of prunes)

Grocery Saving Tip: Use Walmart’s Ad Match GuaranteeI was not feeling well on shopping day, so my husband and daughter did the shopping for me. I didn’t want to make things too complicated for them, so we only ad matched the cantaloupe for $.99.

Last week I saved over $30 using the Ad Match policy.

Weekly Total: $102.76

January Monthly Total: $301.22    

($125/week budget for six people–so far I am under budget for the month. We were also given some food which definitely helps. You can see our menu for this week here.)
Need to lower your grocery bill? Read more about how I stick to a $125 a week budget in my Save More-Clip Less e-book.





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  1. Jennifer brown says

    Our Publix had Vans GF waffels bogo for $3.15. Plus Rudi’s GF frozen bread bogo for 3.99. I had some $2 printables for the bread making all 4 of my loaves free. Publix also has $1 off Hormel meats in the yellow flyer along with 0.50 printables an they are on sale for $3.33. Made them only 1.83 a pack. I had a fantastic shopping week:)

  2. says

    Blessed today with excess ripe bananas that my husband could not give away at the food bank and would otherwise spoil over the weekend. We peel and freeze 3 to a bag and will use them in coming weeks for banana muffins and smoothies.
    Also a package of truffles I received at Christmas were kind of bitter on their own, so I chopped some up and tried them in banana muffins. I know what to do with the rest!

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