Save Money: Save in the Kitchen

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Save Money: Save in the Kitchen

If you are looking for ways to save money in order to make room in your budget for other priorities, try these quick and easy tips to save money in the kitchen. Small strategies combined can equal big savings!


Washing Dishes

Use a Dish Pan-Save on your water bill by keeping a small amount of water in your sink each day to rinse dishes rather than using running water.

Fill It Up– Save on your electric bill by running your dishwasher only when it’s full and using the “air dry” rather than “heat dry” setting.

Use Less-Save on detergent by using less. Most dishwashers require only a tablespoon to work effectively.


Paper Products

Use Color-Assign one colored plastic cup to each child so they don’t use 10 of them in a day. (Read more about organizing with color here.)

Use Cloth-Even with the cost of laundering them, using cloth napkins is cheaper than using paper.

Use Washable Items-Whenever possible, use washable dishes rather than disposable. If you use plastic cups and flatware for guests, wash and re-use them at the next gathering.



Use Your Crock Pot-Using the crock pot saves time and energy, and keeps your kitchen cooler in the summer.
(Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for some delicious crock pot recipes including Crockpot Granola and Baked Apples.)

Cook From Scratch-Cooking your own foods as opposed to preparing ready-made, convenience foods is not only healthier, it saves money. Convenience foods can cost up to five times more.

Eat In Season-Plan your meals around in-season foods for your local area, which cost less because they don’t have to be shipped as far.

Freeze and Use leftovers- Don’t throw those leftovers away! Re-purpose them into other meals. (Click here for more ideas for using leftovers.)


Grocery Shopping

Make a Meal Plan-The number one way I save on groceries is by making a weekly meal plan. (Click here for help with meal planning.)

Post a Grocery List- Keep a grocery list in sight (print one here) and note items as you run out of them. Check the list before shopping to avoid extra trips to the store because you ran out of something.

Check Your Pantry- When making your meal plan, check what you have in your pantry, freezer and fridge and plan to use them.


Click here to read about my Save More-Clip Less ebook with lots of strategies and practical helps to enable you to save hundreds of dollars on groceries!





Use Basic Cleaners– I use three basic cleaners in my home rather than purchasing lots of expensive specialty cleaners for each room. (Read more here.)

Use Homemade Cleaners- Making your own cleaners is healthier and cheaper than buying specialty cleaners. Make this DIY Citrus Cleaner or try these basic recipes.

Use Rags– Use rags to clean rather than paper towels. We save paper towels for very greasy messes only, so we use about 1 roll every 4-5 months.



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