My Weekly (generosity) Plan 1/7

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Being organized helps you to save money and live your true priorities!

My favorite way to stay organized is to make a weekly plan to ensure that I am focusing on what is truly most important in my life, rather than just staying busy.

I have used lots of different planners, but I am currently hand-writing my plan each week just because it makes me happy.


I divide my plan into five categories:

PERSONAL-habits that keep me healthy and happy

PEOPLE-activities that promote relationship with the people I love

PURPOSE-tasks that enable me to fulfill my purpose in life

PASSION-activities and experiences which enable me to enjoy life

PROJECTS-priority tasks that need to be finished this week

This week I am focusing on generosity. We will be making candy and cookies to give away to friends, giving a $20 gift card to a stranger and I am hosting a giveaway on the blog (click here for more info!).

I am continuing with my morning “brain dump“ (read more here) and daily exercise. I also missed my date with my 11 year old last week, so I am making that a top priority this week.

You can see last week’s plan here.


As a gift to my readers, you can now print your own customizable Weekly Plan! Click here and “like” The Peaceful Mom on Facebook to access the download link.

Click the link and type in your info for the week. Once you are done, right click the form to print and check off each task as you complete it.

(You can see all of the FREE printable planners I have available here.)


What do you have planned this week? Leave a comment.



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