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Generosity Week: Give and Win $100 from The Peaceful Mom! 

It’s January, which means not so nice weather, lots of indoor time and the after-the-holidays doldrums. To counteract the grayness of January our family will be focusing on generosity this week in big and small ways. A few of the things we will be doing are making some treats for friends, giving away a $20 gift card to a stranger and doing random acts of kindness at home and in our neighborhood.

If you would like to participate with us this week, I am also hosting a giveaway here on the blog! I will be giving away a $100 Visa gift card to one of my readers, along with a $50 Walmart gift card for the winner to give to someone else!

To Enter:

Please give something to someone outside of your family this week and choose one (or all) of the following entry methods (WINNER WILL BE SELECTED FROM THE COMMENTS ON THIS POST):

1 Entry“Like” The Peaceful Mom on Facebook (click here) and share this post on Facebook (click the “LIKE” button below this post.)


Follow @thepeacefulmom on Twitter (click here) and re-tweet this post (click the “TWEET” button below the post.)

IMPORTANT: Leave a comment on THIS POST saying you have done so. (Please note: Email readers will have to click through to the website to leave a comment.)


1 EntryLeave a comment on THIS POST telling me one specific thing you will give this week. For example, if you are a hair stylist you could give away a haircut. If you are a stay at home mom you could bake a cake for someone or keep another mom’s child.


1 Entry-Follow me on Pinterest (click here) and repin this post (click the “PIN” button under the photo at the top of this post). Leave a comment on THIS POST with the link to your pin.


You may make a total of (3) entries with each individual comment on this post counting as an entry. Comments made on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest will not count unless you make a comment on this post saying that you have posted there.


Contest Rules

You may enter a total of (3) times using the above instructions. Entries which do not follow the guidelines will be disqualified.

The contest period runs from Monday, January 7, 2013 to Tuesday, January 15th at 9:00 am EST.

Winner will be randomly selected from the comments on this post using third party software. Winner will be notified by email and must respond within 24 hours to qualify to receive prize of (1) $100 Visa Gift Card to keep and (1) $50 Walmart Gift Card to give away. Gift cards will be sent by U.S. mail.

Contest is open to residents of the United States only.


Have fun giving! :)


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  1. Christa says

    Good Morning – I will be giving a spare sofa in great condion to a family in need in my community that I heard about in church. If I win the gift card I will give it to them as well.

  2. Rochelle says

    I already follow you on Pinterest (that’s how I found this) and I re-pinned directly from your pin. :)

  3. Rochelle says

    Within less than 24 hours, 2 of my friends from back home posted on facebook about 2 separate families’ homes burning down. I am gathering clothing, shoes and other basic necessities to ship to both families along with some gift cards.

  4. says

    I’m following on FB and shared this post. Also following on Pinterest. I am giving my baby’s exersaucer to a mom who just lost her job and has a 7 month old. If I win, she’ll receive the gift card as well. Thanks so much for doing this!

  5. Teresa says

    Good Morning!

    I followed you on Twitter & tweeted this post. I will give winter coats to our church’s clothes closet. I already follow you on Pinterest and pinned this post. Thanks Kimberlee!

  6. Tara says

    We spent the weekend gathering up outgrown clothes and unwanted items to get dropped off at Goodwill today.

  7. rebecca says

    Liked you and liked your post on facebook! Followed you on pinterest, and repinned your pin. I will be cleaning out my closet this week and donating everything to a local organization that helps people get back on the feet. Thanks so much! Love the sharing idea!!

  8. Damaris Noriega says

    I will be giving away some my daughters’ gently used coats to children who are in need of coats. Being a mom of five girls, I know how hard it can be to purchase necessary things for your children!! Hope I can put a smile on another mom’s face… The gift card would be given to a family in need as well.

  9. Robin says

    I am helping my brother out this week and taking care of my nephew. I also shared this on my facebook page.

  10. Jennifer Gordon says

    Hi! I Followed and retweeted, shared on FB(I’ve already liked your page long ago), I will be giving away my kiddos clothes to needy families in my area. I just found you and followed you on Pinterest. Here is the link to my repin.

    Thank you so much for all you do. You have helped my family get on its way out of debt.

  11. Vicki Carver says

    Baking banana bread to give to two single gentlemen who live on either side of me, one of whom lost his wife just a few months ago.

  12. Trish Niehaus says

    Last week my mom and I were at a baby shower where I had given the new mommy some hats I crocheted for the new baby. She commented on the texture of one and being an avid crocheter herself said, “I don’t do stitches like that but I love that hat. I wouldn’t mind having a hat like that.” Well, you guessed it, this weekend, she’s getting a hat like that!
    All there entries complete! Thanks, Kimberlee!

  13. Marylou Berry says

    I follow you on Pinterest, FB, and I receive your newsletter. I gave some coaching advise to a co-worker on how to get an interview and get promoted. I spent time with practicing. She has an interview today! Praying she gets promoted. She is a single mom and really needs it.

  14. says

    I will give a night of babysitting to my sister and her husband so they can go out for a date night :) (although the actual babysitting may not take place for a couple weeks depending on their schedule)

  15. Amanda S. says

    I will be involved in sending care packages to local soldiers who are stationed in Afghanistan.

  16. Leah P says

    I have been sick & in hospital with pneumonia so can’t really make/ do anything this week, but I have a box of my daughters old clothes that I can have hubby take to donate.

  17. melissa says

    Facebook like and share, pinned on pinterest…love this, i am participating in a pay it forward!

  18. ramona craig says

    What a lovely idea. I will be donating my daughters gently used clothing to our local childrens home.

  19. connie says

    My niece and her family is struggling. I am helping them with my stockpile. I also liked you on my facebook page.

  20. Beckie says

    I pinned and liked this post…

    This week I gave my time in counseling several college students on career goals, cleaned out my closet to give things I don’t use enough to people who need them, and the funds I have saved in my PayPal account to a Veteran in need.

  21. Kylee L says

    I am a fb follower :) I will be purchasing some clothes for a family member’s new baby. She went into labor very early and was not yet prepared for the baby’s arrival- she needs lots of help right now !

  22. laura says

    DH and I are anonymously covering the cost of the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinner for a family in need. We know that they are struggling a lot right now financially; it is something small that we can do, that will bring the family happiness.

  23. Alisha says

    I will be donating my boys too small clothes and old toys to the Hope Center, a non-profit that helps homeless families in my area. And the gift card will go to a friend in need.

  24. Rose says

    I found out Saturday that a family in our small town lost their house to a fire. Thank God, no lives were lost. They have 4 teenagers. I was told that they have received an abundance of clothing, but have little else. I have some small appliances and kitchen ware that is not being used. I have offered for this family to receive these items whenever they find a home.

  25. Hillary Dunn says

    I have already liked you on Facebook. I would probably use the money on groceries and then I would either coupon for items for the local Salvation Army or I would donate it to them.

  26. Rebecca Wheeler-Bruce says

    I follow you on facebook and shared there. I am praying about my service project….

  27. Rebecca Wheeler-Bruce says

    re-pinning…I usually like to pay for someone’s food while we are dining, or tipping the table cleaner at the food court at the mall…

  28. Virginia Ashcraft says

    I watched someone else’s children today so she could drive 2 hours away for a doctor’s appt. Picked them up from school, helped them do their homework, and fed them. Now we are making cookies so they can take some home to mom. It has been fun!

  29. Anna says

    I belong to a seed swapping group on FB (one of several) and they’re raising funds to give a garden of seeds to those in need. I’ve donated some of my survey $$ to them.

  30. says

    A friend of mine recently became a grandmother at age 36 & her son, his daughter & the mother have moved in with her & her husband. I have donated all of my clothes & baby gear that my 7 month old daughter has out grown & will continue to give them all of the items my daughter grows out of. Having three extra mouths to feed is certainly a strain & if I win that $50 gift card would go along way towards food & diapers.

  31. Andrea says

    I will be going though my kids closets and donating what they don’t use to an organization that helps families that have children in the hospital.

  32. Jamie Gailbreath says

    I like you on Facebook!

    I plan to clean out mine and my husband’s closets and give A LOT of clothes to a local ministry (similar to a goodwill store).

  33. says

    This week we’re going to a nursing home in our town with my four children to spend time with and do projects with the residents. What a blessing to help others :-)

  34. Betsy Carter says

    Over the holiday, I did a bunch of “big batch” recipes and bake ahead treats– I will be giving some of these treats and time-savers to some busy mom-friends.

  35. Becca Bunnell says

    I manage a second hand store. I will pay for and give 5 clothing items to a family in need.

  36. Cynthia says

    I liked and shared the contest on Facebook… I’ve been mulling over what I could give, as I am pinching pennies this week.. I’m pretty sure I can find some items to bring to the community/laundry room that others might need and enjoy.

  37. Mandy Ferguson says

    I have liked this and shared it on FB. I am making granola chocolate chip cookies for the teachers at my son’s school for their first week back after holiday break! 3 entries! How exciting! :-)

  38. Diane says

    I’m giving a single mom an overnight break as she is packing to move, her little girl will come spend the night on Thursday or Friday.

  39. Dara says

    I have “Liked” this post on Facebook (and left a comment) and, also, “pinned” this post on Pinterest (I was already following you :)). In the Starbucks drive-through this morning, I bought the car behind me’s order. I am also giving our crib and a bag of clothes to a family we heard about through a friend who works at a charity organization for immigrants.

  40. Liz Shamansy says

    I gave away 2 fleece blankets and a box full of toiletries from my stockpile to my sister who was in need.

  41. Yonna says

    I won a facial that I am donating to a friend who is going through a divorce, and really needs some pampering. Then, I am going to Long Island to deliver supplies to Hurricane Sandy victims who are still suffering.

  42. Maggie says

    Somehow we got on Similac’s mailing list and receive high dollar coupons. We’ll be purchasing cans of formula to donate to a local crisis nursery.

  43. Sabelle says

    My daughter is outgrowing her baby toys so we are donating many to our town’s thrift shop. It will be hard to part with her fun music table!

  44. Cindy W. says

    I am going to take some can goods to our local FISH organization to help replenish their supplies after the holidays.

  45. Carole says

    Just made 8 beauty kits to deliver to the pediatric cancer ward at our local hospital in memory of my little friend, Rayanna who lost her battle with cancer nine monthes ago today.

  46. Kris Gamertsfelder says

    I shared the Facebook post and repinned on my ” cool stuff ” board. I am also making a birthday treat for a fellow co-worker this week!

  47. says

    I’m going to make soup and cornbread for my co-workers. They work outside and temperatures have been in the teens and single digits a lot this last couple of weeks. They always have my back, and this week, I’m gonna give ’em back a little love! I tweeted and followed, facebook liked and shared, and re-pinned!,
    Cheers! Thanks for all the helpful hints love! Much appreciated.

  48. Kat says

    I just finished baking cookies for a neighbor whose wife passed away and will take them over tomorrow. I also just liked you on Facebook. I recently found out about your site and LOVE it!! Thank you :)

  49. Tricia says

    I follow you on facebook already and I am following you on pinterest now as well. I am gonna do a random act of kindness by paying 20.00 on someones grocery bill this week…

  50. Ashley says

    This week is FULL of giving for my family.

    ~ We are giving tons of clothes to our local womens shelter.
    ~ My best friend just miscarried her 3rd baby (she has 2 beautiful girls and has miscarried once before). I have given her the gift of listening all weekend. I am also planning to take dinner to her and the girls tomorrow night because her husband works 24hr shifts. I was orginially giving her the gift of all my maternity clothes.
    ~ My mom and my MIL watch my kids for free so we are making them freezer chicken pot pies this weekend to give as a thank you for all their help (this was when they get home they just have to pop it in the oven!)

  51. Alma says

    I give time in each of my 3 younger childrens class. I teach Sunday School clean church and give food to church members that have been laid off. Thankful I can help by couponing :)
    I liked you on facebook and Following on Pinintrest. I like the journel broken into catagories :)

  52. Holley says

    I just finished going through some of our food and am sending it to work with my husband to share with his co-workers!

  53. Nancy says

    In preparation for Christmas guests, we cleaned my 15 year old son’s room. We will be donating his outgrown k-nex, Legos and model airplanes to Purple Heart.

  54. Lara says

    I plan to give some gently used clothing items to a family in need. Also planning to give the gift of time and watch a friends children for about 20 hours this week.

  55. Camille R. says

    How inspiring is this post! Thanks for doing this! I don’t have much to give in the ways of money- with bills and tuition for my husband’s schooling, we are on a tight budget. I do love to give what I can!!
    This week I have already given a neighbor (who has great trouble breathing and thus walking up the dozen or so steps to her house) a helping hand. She parked across the street and have 2 bags and a box to carry up. I immediately dropped my packages in the house and helped her across the street and up the stairs to hers.
    I also gave my work team a huge bag of Hershey’s kisses to share as we endured an ALL day meeting yesterday. They loved the treat and everyone stayed awake in our meetings!

  56. Lisa H. says

    First to note: I liked and shared your blog on Facebook. Secondly, thank you for being such a positive influence in our society. It’s people like you that spread smiles just through kindness. It’s contagious. My “giving back” moment happened during Christmas week. I met a single mother of six children ages 6-19. I inquired about her Christmas plans. They had none, and hadn’t had a Christmas for 3 years due to “being poor,” as she stated. She still had a good attitude and stated “We have each other and that’s all that matters.” We are blessed with lots of family and our kids have more than enough. I gave her kids a carload of toys including a Wii. since we have Xbox also. They ended up having a good Christmas. God bless all that you do!

  57. angie mccort says

    We are big “freecyclers” in our house so we give regularly… I just gave away and winter coat that my son has outgrown and several bags of clothes that my daughter out grew. I am trying to get rid of 7 things this week… trying to live less cluttered.

  58. Jennie Nelson says

    Have done all that I needed to do:) I love reading your articles. And our new years resolution is to go gluten free, so this last post really helped:) oh and we are babysitting my friends son for a whole day Saturday while they go to universal studios.

  59. Alycia M says

    I’m keeping a friends 4 youngest children so that she can have individual time with her oldest child. :)

  60. Lora says

    I found a drivers license in the road and gave it back to the girl. I was late to work while trying to help an elderly man find his lost wallet. I am going to hug a coworker/friend today and tell her she is important.

  61. says

    I gave away a free 11×14 print to one of my photography clients! She is so excited to have a family photo to hang on the wall at home. Seeing my clients so happy, makes me want to give more and more! :)

  62. says

    This week I am giving a meal to a family that just had a baby, with a few extra goodies included for their growing family!

  63. says

    I purchased dry erase pens for the children in my son’s class because some of them can’t afford to bring in fresh ones and his fabulous teacher donates so much on her own as it is. I will bring in a Friday treat as well for the class. . . just have to think of the what!

  64. says

    p.s. thanks for the opportunity to win and for your blog – I don’t comment often but I have been following and enjoying.

  65. Dominique says

    We are giving to the local homeless shelter – clothing and toys so the kids can have birthday gifts…

  66. Angelia says

    I already “Liked” you on Facebook and now I’m following you on Twitter! The thing I’m giving this week, besides groceries, is my time to a neighbor the has no family and my neighbor is dying. He has no children or siblings. He only has his 78 year old wife. There are two other wonderful neighbors helping me make his last days a little more endurable. It is very sad. Prayers please for his wife. We are in Tennessee.

  67. Rebekah says

    I gave away a box of my english toffee this week to a friend and she ended up sharing it with someone who really wanted it. It was really neat!

  68. Laura says

    I will be donating all of my little girls clothes from her first year to a friend of a friend who just found out she will be raising her newborn baby girl on her own. :)

  69. Amanda says

    I teach piano and I will be accompanying for free this weekend for the baptism of an autistic boy we know. I liked your page on facebook and repinned the pin on pinterest (i couuldn’t figure out how to add the link to the pin on my ipad, but if I do, I will add it).

  70. DEBBIE AUEN says

    I think I will leave quarters, a note & a bottle of laundry soap in our local laundermat to help out the next person who comes along to do their wash …..What a great suprise that would be and hopefully for someone who can really use it! Love this idea to do for others!I don’t Twitter :(

  71. sarah snoker says

    I gave a coupon to the lady in line in front of me at Wal-Mart for something in her cart! She was so happy!

  72. Janine Choate says

    I took care of a business woman’s children because her sitter had the flu. And I enjoyed them so much today :)

  73. Camille W says

    I gave this week. Money and clothing donations to a family in great need. Should I win, I will also be giving the money + gift card to the same family.

    • Susie Marshall says

      Our family went with our church to Brooklyn to help pass out food and clothing to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

  74. MaryAnn C. says

    For my good deed I will go to coinstar and leave all of my change for the next person to find.

  75. Beth S. says

    I am keeping a friends daughter for 4 days so she can go spend time with her husband who is working out of state.

    • says

      I am planning to redeeming a rain check for wipes that will make them free. I have 4 friends whom I’m planning on giving a few boxes to (one of them just had a baby).

  76. Bridgette Hepburn-Smith says

    I “liked” your facebook page a while ago :) Tonight, I am sharing this post. I am a school counselor and this week, I have been bringing home a particularly needy child who is in the same grade as my son. He’s amazed at having hot water and ice cream for dessert. Breaks my heart! We are so blessed.

    I already follow you on Pinterest, and I repinned this post.

  77. Trisha says

    I have done these! Please enter me! I am giving new kitchen rugs to someone’s grandmother! And giving clothes to someone who unfortunately doesnt have many.

  78. Sabrina says

    I gave my recycling to a homeless man rummaging through our trash bins and ran inside to make him a sandwich, gave him one of my husbands sweaters, its freezing outside..

  79. Tracy Lewis says

    I am a stay at home mom, and my mother had surgery on her hand on Dec 30. For the next 6 weeks I will be helping her around her house while my dad is at work (cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, getting her dressed & ready in the mornings, etc) until she can use her hand again. I just recently started staying at home with my kids, so I feel blessed that the timing worked out, and I am able & available to help.

    • Christine says

      I’m giving our foster brother’s sister her Christmas present tomorrow. An ornament and her own fleece blanket that I made and embroidered her name on. All my kids have one and love them.

  80. Khakki says

    I took a neighbor some baked goods and paid for the person’s meal behind me in the drive-thru this week.

  81. Andrea says

    I am following you on Twitter, I already “liked” you on Facebook…

    I am offering free birthing services by helping a young pregnant mom create her birth plan this week.

  82. Sarah M says

    The grocery store we shop at only accepts debit, check, or cash. No credit. Last week when I went the girl in front of me got to the register and found this out. She had no other way to pay for the $15 worth of food and walked out with her young daughter. I paid for the food while the cashier took the basket out to her. At least they’ll have full stomaches tonight.

  83. Kathryn M says

    My friend is having trouble paying rent. I’m paying for her lunches to help her out where I can.

  84. Renee M says

    I am supporting a boy named Nathan Norman. He has brain cancer. You can read about him on facebook “Nathan’s Christmas: the page”. The family especially needs your prayers.

  85. Mishelle says

    This week I already had 3 acts of kindness planned. I work in a retail environment. My staff of 107 is exhausted and deserve a reward for all
    Of their hard work. I spent the night shopping for goodies and tomorrow I’m assembling small gift bags to say thank you.
    Next my daughter and I are taking our dog to a senior citizens home to play with some of the residents. Lastly this Friday I will be surprising my single mom friend with a day of “maid” service. I am watching her pets while she goes away for the weekend. I plan in steam cleaning her rugs, and furniture :) I live for random acts of kindness !!

  86. Emily G says

    I followed you on Pinterest and pinned this post! 😀

    I followed you on Twitter and retweeted this post! 😀

    Today I was driving to my Bountiful Baskets Co-Op site (early, since I volunteer), and there was a good foot of snow on the ground, with more coming down. Here in Utah it gets pretty nasty sometimes. Anyway, I saw an elderly woman walking toward the train station, hurrying along like she might have been late. I had to pull a u-turn, since she was going the opposite direction I was, but I stopped and gave her a ride the rest of the way. I don’t have many material things, but anytime I can give someone a hand, I will.

  87. Sarah says

    I repinned on Pinterest(:

    I had a professor last semester who is a single dad with twin daughters nine years old. He commented on how they never get out of town, and there isn’t much to do around here, so I found some old cut out paper dolls while I was home, and I brought them to town when I returned from break. We spent yesterday playing with the paper dolls and baking sugar cookies so he could have some time to grade papers and then go out to dinner with a colleague. The girls and I then made up plates of the cookies and delivered a couple dozen to the soup kitchen in town and took the rest to the dining hall workers this afternoon. It was so much fun!

  88. Sarah says

    I already liked you on Facebook, so I shared this post.

    I’m moving soon, and I realized I could live off of much less clothing than I own and don’t have space for in the move, so I spent a bit of today and will finish tomorrow loading an SUV full of clothing, some new, to donate to the Koffeehouse, the soup kitchen in my hometown, because they will give it out to people who really need it instead of the clothes being resold in a thrift shop.

  89. Sarah says

    Just retweeted your post(:

    I’ve posted two things I’ve done so far, so I think instead of reaching to the past for a post, I’ll think of something new to do. I looked through some comments and have been inspired to more good deeds.

    We have had twelve inches of snow recently in town, and the volunteer group who usually goes to homes of elder people is no longer together. I’m going to convince my boyfriend to go shovel some sidewalks with me tomorrow afternoon and make delicious hot-chocolate coffee with marshmallows for him after(:

  90. Kyra Shew says

    I found you on pinterest… I just hit liked on facebook, hopefully my friends will starting following as well….

    The 18th I am turning 35 and would like to do 35 acts of kindness (not just 35 but that is a target) I saw this on pinterest… I am going to start at work I want to see some smiles on my co-workers faces durig these stressful times at work!

    But for this week I am going to give real time to my family, not the “I just got home from work let’s go through the motions of the evening time” but real time laughing, being silly, listening.

  91. Katie says

    Recently my daughter and I bought a bunch of flowers and handed them out one by one to people we encountered. Lots of surprised smiles. This week we plan on making cookies to put in our neighbor’s mailbox.

  92. Jeannie says

    I will be giving some outgrown clothes of my children to a co worker at work for her grandchildren

    • Karen M says

      I ‘like’ you on facebook. The neighbor children love my baking so I am taking them some cookies this week.

      • Kimberly Wiltshire says

        I will be making dinner & dessert and taking it to a close friend who is going through a very difficult time right now!

  93. says

    I brought two boxes of books to the retarded adults recreation association. They use them to raise money for their program.

  94. Shelley says

    We drive home a little boy 2 days a week who lives near us to help out his mom (she is a single mom of 3 little ones and has had a rough time lately). On Thursday instead of just dropping him off, we brought him to our house to play with my son and have after school snacks.

    • Sarah Barnes says

      I’m going to bring my neighbors “my adopted grandparents” a meal, as they have not been feeling well since Christmas. Of course I don’t really feel like I’m doing anything extraordinary. I just love them.

  95. Karen M says

    I ‘like’ you on facebook. I am giving my time this week to volunteer in my child’s school office. It is a small Christian school and they always need help.

    • Jennifer Brees says

      I’m going to make a class set of mth games to give to my colleague who teaches next door.

  96. Amy says

    I am making homemade suet molds for the neighbors to hang on their trees for the birds and squirrels! I, also, liked your fb page and am following you on Pinterest. Thanks for all the great ideas that I get from your page.

  97. JoAnn says

    I love this!! We try to teach generosity to our children always. This week my 12 year old son and I will be our extra eggs to the food bank and we just took a family in need a week worth of items that he and I canned from garden.

  98. Barb says

    I follow you on FB and am now following your pins. I also pinned the picture. I picked up medicine for a home bound woman, gave a gift card to a student whose husband is unemployed and she only works part time and am doing the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. I have worked with 4 individuals and coordinated with them to work with a compensatory education class (special needs) to do an art project using old windows, class, beads, glue and paint.

    If I win I am donating the either card to the teacher of the compensatory education class so that he can purchase misc. things needed not covered by state money.

  99. Mami2jcn says

    I like you on Facebook as Mary Happymommy and shared–

  100. Mami2jcn says

    Today when I was at the Redbox machine I had a free code and instead of using it, I gave it to the lady behind me. I would love to walk up to someone this week and give them a gift card.

  101. Janelle muniz says

    this week I am giving coupons to a family who needs them……..would be awesome to give a gift card with them……I like you on Facebook;)

  102. Danielle Smith says

    posted on FB, and followed on pinterest!! I am a stay at home mom, so my girls and I are going to be baking cookies for our neighbors this week…

  103. Sarah Verheyen says

    I liked you on FB and posted this link. I am a stay at home mommy with two boys and we are going to make cookies for a neighbor and I am watching another mommy’s baby so she can have a break.

  104. Molly says

    I have been selling some “grown out of clothes” of my kids this past weekend. After reading your post, I have decided to decided to give the rest of the pile away. Thanks for encouraging generosity!

  105. Janell Stephenson says

    I bake bread for my mom and my 2 grandmothers every week, I volunteer at my kids’ schools every week, these are the things I give

  106. Lori says

    I gave a man a pair of boots because he didnt have any and needed them so he could work. And take care of his Family!

  107. Katie Kajkowski says

    I also reprimanded to Pinterest, you can find it in my for the home pins under my name.

  108. Katie Kajkowski says

    That was supposed to say repinned to Pinterest. I am a teacher, and this week I plan on helping my fellow teachers out with our science fair! It should be a lot of fun!

  109. Heather says

    Like you on Facebook. I’m a stay at home mom and this weeks all about cookies, cakes and brownies! We have 7 family birthdays in January so everyone gets a sweet treat this month!

  110. Jamie says

    I lost my job last week. I am completely devastated. A friend suggested your website to help me save since my income has stopped. My husband is a police officer and I worked full-time in the mental health field. We live on a 2 family income. I have two wonderful children. The hardest part is to look my children in the eye and tell them no because mommy lost her job. Even though I did nothing wrong to lose my job I feel like a failure. I have to start cutting costs at home. Your website has been very helpful. A 100.00 would be so helpful at this time. I have agreed to watch a friend’s little girl for free this week because I know how expensive child-care can be. I am glad to pay it forward. Thank you.

    • says

      I am so sorry that you lost your job Jamie. I pray that you will be able to quickly find something else. Good for you for giving to someone else in spite of your circumstances.

  111. kate b. says

    I have collected my daughters clothes aand toys she has grown out of and donated them to our local church.

  112. Cyndi Holt says

    I still am learning this social media thing. I don’t know how to copy the link to my Pin, but I did it! I follow you on Pinterest & have “Like”(d) you on Facebook & re-posted and Pinned this info. I’m a Fibromyalgia disabled wife & part-time stepmom. I have learned to make jewelry and am giving a special custom leather-wrapped bracelet to my dentist’s young, single mom asst (in her fav color) at my appt this Wed, that I made as a treat for no particular reason. I also just completed custom jewelry sets for 2 of my friend’s daughters for their upcoming winter formal, matching each of their dresses. Thank you for always helping those of us who depend so much on living virtually online to connect with others!

  113. Beth says

    Thank you so much for encouraging us to give generously. It is, honestly, something I struggle with. Our budget seems so small. You reminded me that I have been given SO MUCH, though! Over the past several days, I’ve kept my eyes and my heart open for opportunities to give generously. A few days ago, in a store, I overheard a woman who seemed extremely stressed. I didn’t have anything tangible to “give” her, so I prayed with her right there in the checkout at Walgreens! The LORD used you, and your blog to encourage me, and I hope that He used me to encourage her! Thank you, Kimberlee!!!!

    • says

      Thank you for sharing that story Beth. There have been plenty of times that we did not have money to give, but that’s not always what people need, is it? :)

  114. Shelli says

    Facebook follower – i kept a dear friends oldest child this past weekend so her and her hubby could have a night together before their second child is born tomorrow.

  115. Sarah Sonntag says

    I went to CES this week and got tons of freebies :) I gave everything to friends and co-workers who didn’t attend. They were super happy!

  116. Janel baker says

    I gave a family in need a new TV, gave some fabric to a new sewing business, gave clothes to a friend, and gave soap products from a local company to a few friends. :-)

  117. melissa martinez says

    I am commiting to my church a percentage of our income for ninety days. Its something new for people who are giving in our church.

  118. says

    I am a new facebook fan. I gave a table and chairs that I wasn’t using to family who lost their home in a fire on New Year’s Day. I followed you on twitter and retweeted. I followed you on pinterest, too.

  119. Glee Rice says

    I liked your page a while back, shared on FB, and will give a coworker a special surprise!