Earn Money: Top 5 Online Survey Sites

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Earn Money Online! If you are looking for ways to make a little extra money, check out these 5 top survey sites. You definitely will not get rich doing online surveys, but if you have some extra time, it can be a fun way to earn a little money or a few gift cards. We use our survey money to pay for gifts, date nights and fun family outings.

Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks is one of my favorite sites. I earn points just for using Swag Bucks as my online search engine and I redeem them for $5 Amazon Gift Cards. You can also get gift cards for Lowe’s, Starbucks and other retail stores, cash in your Pay Pal account and tons of other prizes and there are lots of ways to earn.

Click here to sign up for FREE!


My Points

This is a site that rewards you points for online activity such as reading emails, taking surveys and signing up for offers. My husband reads the emails and clicks the links to accumulate enough points to earn a movie gift card every few months (date night!). Go here to sign up.


Opinion Outpost

Pays in point rewards for every completed survey–listed in the top ten surveys on SurveyPolice. You can cash your points in for instant win opportunities, sweepstakes, or cash. There are also opportunities to do free product testing. Go here to sign up.


Valued Opinions

Another top ten survey company according to Survey Police. Receive up to $5 per survey taken. Click here to sign up.


Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

Earn points for reading emails. Click here to sign up and click here to read how to make more money with InboxDollars.


Click here for more complete list of recommended survey sites.

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  1. Clarisse E. says

    This is just what I needed to find!! My husband is looking for work so we desperately need a little extra cash flow, thanks so much for posting this!

  2. says

    I use quite a few of these sites and can be another voice to say these ones are really good! I actually paid for my whole Target shopping trip this past weekend thanks to gift cards that I earned with Swagbucks. :)

  3. Keri says

    Mysurvey, American Consumer Opinion, Shoppers Perspective, Survey Savvy, and Harris Poll Online are other legit ones too

  4. Jennifer Waddington says

    I just discovered you from Pinterest, and I love your money saving ideas! A way that my husband and I save money is we use a free app called Shopkick and you just turn it on when you walk into a store and you get points for just being there. You can also add more points to your account by scanning things that you bought into the app. For example, if I went to Walmart to get groceries, I would get points for walking into the store and when I get home I would scan in the products I bought and get points for that as well. Once you get enough points you can pick what kind of gift card you would like.

  5. Carolina says

    Slice the pie is another. you don’t have to wait around to qualify for a survey. You can just write and write, without limits. All you need to do is write a mini review on what you think about the song.

    Hopefully you all enjoy it. I’ve already cashed out three times. You need $10 min to cash out. They deposit to paypal!

  6. Iris says

    Send Earnings is just like Inbox Dollars – actually, identical. I subscribe to both and have gotten about $30 per year just by clicking emails. You can make more, but I’m a bit lazy :)

  7. Valerie says

    I have joined InboxDollars SendEarnings and SurveySpot! I’ve cashed out about $75 over the years with Surveyspot! The minimum I believe to cash out is $5! They have a lot of ways to cash out! You can do webvouchers from a lot of different sites (kmart, amazon, etc) , paypal, and a few other ways! I like InboxDollars and SendEarnings so far but just started so I haven’t cashed out with them yet but you can get checks with them or do paypal! But the minimum to cash out is $30! On InboxDollars on some of the surveys if you don’t qualify you get to spin the wheel and it has like 0.05, 0.25, $1, $5, a ticket for the drawing or of course nothin! And you get $5 from each just for signing up! You can play games, take surveys, read emails, and lot of other things to get money! Hope this helps somebody! I’m lookin for more sites that send out actual checks if anybody knows of any!

    • Deanna says

      I posted further down in this listing about a site called Fusion Cash, I’ve had a better experience with them than most sites.

  8. Deanna says

    After getting laid off I tried doing online surveys while job hunting, mostly as something to keep me busy, and after trying quite a few there is only one that I would recommend, Fusion Cash. While it doesn’t make the ridiculous claims of “earn $1500/month!” it is possible to make enough money to supplement the grocery bills or to buy holiday gifts. The site is simple to navigate, there is no sign up fee, no fine print, and the cash out level is reasonable. I don’t get spammed with offers and I don’t have to interact with anyone if I don’t want to. There are multiple ways to earn money (surveys, viewing videos, mystery shopping, etc.) and I have never had any issues cashing out. Now that I have found another full time job I have closed out the accounts I had with other survey sites, but I have kept Fusion Cash and still do occasional offers to earn extra spending money.

  9. Mia says

    Nice article, I agree with most of this sites but Inbox Dollars takes almost eternity to actually make a good amount. Most of their surveys only pay you like 1$ and below, when with other sites you can actually make more on surveys.
    I used top20surveysites.com for reviews, very helpful so far so good.

  10. Steve says

    MyView is another good one, you even earn a little bit if you don’t qualify for their surveys. Cash out fairly quickly, have a lot of good reward options (unfortunately not Paypal though) and have never had a problem with them.

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