Simple Gluten Free Weekly Menu 1/2

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Simple Gluten Free Weekly Menu. Gluten Free shouldn’t be difficult! Check out our simple ideas for eating gluten free for less.

[You can see our family’s $125 Budget Weekly Menu here. These are the adjustments we make for my daughter who eats gluten free for medical reasons (still within the $125 weekly budget).]

Click each purple link for the recipe or product we use! 


Veggie Breakfast Scramble, orange slices

Homemade Gluten Free Waffles with DIY Waffle Syrup

Fried eggs, bacon

Glutino Berry Sensible Beginnings Cereal with milk x2 (read our review here)

Egg and Cheese Bagel (Udi’s Gluten Free Bagel)

Cheese Toast (Udi’s Gluten Free Bread), banana


Salad with Italian Chicken

Turkey Lettuce Wrap, raw veggies with ranch dressing x2

Homemade Pizza Bagels (Udi’s Gluten Free Bagel)


Hummus, veggies

Leftovers from dinner



BBQ Chicken and Black Bean Tostadas, Mexican Corn

Ham and Bean Soup

Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry, rice

Beef Roast, steamed green beans, mashed potatoes

Chicken Enchiladas, canned peaches

Breakfast for Dinner: cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon

Chebe Bread Pizza, salad


*Please note: This menu is intended to spark ideas for affordable gluten free meals, but in no way is intended as medical, nutritional or other professional advice.

If you would like menu planning help, try my favorite meal planning service eMeals*. They offer weekly lunch and dinner menus  including recipes and a grocery list and they have a GLUTEN FREE Plan!

Click here for more info and use promo code PEACEFUL to get an additional 10% off their already low prices (starting at $5 a month when you sign up for a 3 month subscription)!


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  1. Amie says

    I did a spin off of your BBQ chicken and black bean tostadas based on what I had on hand. I used 2 chicken leg/thighs and slow cooked in BBQ sauce. The meat fell off the bones and was easy to shred. I used flour tortillas, put down chicken, white rice, and shredded cheddar cheese. I heated in the oven and then added shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and taco sauce. My husband and four year-old son loved them. My husband went on and on about how good the chicken was and begged me to make it again. Unfortunately, my other son, the two year-old, declared them “nasty.” lol. I guess I can’t please everyone. I think I will cook the chicken that way again for pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches. Thanks for another great recipe!

  2. Lorrie says

    Thanks for including gluten free recipes. I have celiac disease and have eaten gluten free most of my life. I find it easy to adapt almost any recipe but find my flours to be very expensive. I try to stock up whenever i find a sale. I also like to use alternatives to breads. A whole cabbage or lettuce leaf makes a great wrap for meat and cheese. It also is lower in calories, adds veggies to your diet, and since I grow them in the garden, they are readily available and cheap.

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