10 Minutes A Day Decluttering Update 11/27

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Are you joining us for the 10 Minutes A Day Decluttering Challenge? You still have plenty of time to get your house in shape before Christmas.

To inspire you, take a look at these 10 Ten Minute Tasks you can start right now:

1. Fold and put away a load of laundry.

2. Load the dishwasher.

3. Straighten the linen closet.

4. Declutter one counter top (use the folder method found here)

5. Make a  list of things that need to be done

6. Declutter one surface in the living room (coffee or end table)

7. Re-arrange one shelf.

8. Declutter your entryway.

9. Clear and clean your bathroom counter.

10. Straighten and organize your desk for ten minutes.


This is one of the projects I will be tackling this week:

This spot seems to be the catchall in the kitchen, so I will be cleaning it off and putting things where they actually belong.


What will you declutter this week 10 minutes at a time? Leave a comment. :)


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  • Fatcat

    Yes, I need to do this!

  • sveta

    You got me inspired! It is still 15 min before bedtime – I can do it!

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      Yes you can Sveta!

  • Diana K

    I run laundry and dishwasher several times a day with a household size of 6-8 consistently. But some of your other suggestions I tend to put on the back burner … Severely. Have you found a happy medium to balance it all equally? Is there one? I always looking for solutions and new things to implement. I’m a SAHM.

  • Sarah

    This is a great idea which I found at the Fly Lady website. She lived in clutter for years, took baby steps and 10 minutes of decluttering at a time, and, after quite some time of persistent decluttering, finally found her home (and herself) which she loves.