Thanksgiving Heart eBook $1.99 for 3 Days Only!

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner you are probably thinking more about gratitude, so I wanted to let you know about an awesome new ebook that my blogging friend Stacey from Motherhood on a Dime has written called Thanksgiving Heart: Cultivating Gratitude in Young Children All Year Round.

This is not a book about the holiday of Thanksgiving but a great resource for cultivating gratefulness in your children for all things at all times.


The book includes:

  • Practical ways to encourage thanksgiving in children.
  • 30 service projects
  • 15 gratitude discussion starters for families
  • Application questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Printable 30-Day Scripture & Activity Guide
  • Printable Gratitude Journal
  • Printable Thank You Card
  • Printable Incentive Chart”

I especially love the printables in the back of this book.

The really cool news is that this ebook is available for the next 3 days for only $1.99! If you are a parent who wants to teach your children to be grateful, I really think you will enjoy this book.

Click here to read more and purchase your copy.

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