Fun Friday Shopping Totals {+ Grocery Saving Tips} 11/16

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Fun Friday Shopping Totals: See how I feed my family of six (including 3 teens) for around $125/week. See our $125 Budget Weekly Menu here

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PUBLIX-Spent $36.10.  


Grocery Saving Tip: Plan your weekly menu around super sale items.

This week Publix had Eat Smart Veggies on sale for $1.00 a bag again. You will see these in our menu in the following recipes Broccoli Salad with Cranberries and Pecans, Veggie Breakfast Scramble, raw veggies with ranch dressing with our lunches.



WALMART–Spent $30.73.

Grocery Saving Tip: Use Walmart’s Ad Match Guarantee.

This week I was able to purchase pineapples for $1.25 each, cucumbers for $.25 each, bananas for $.39/lb and limes for $.10 each.

Weekly Total: $66.83 

Monthly Total: $288.19  

($125/week budget for six people–I am way under budget this week because we have several days where family members will be going in different directions, eating with friends, etc. I will use some of the leftover grocery money to purchase take out pizza for a sleepover we are hosting.

I will also be attending a potluck on Thanksgiving so we don’t need to buy turkey. :))


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  1. Mandy says

    A Thanksgiving potluck….what a great idea! That way, no one has the burden and expense of a full meal. How wonderfully frugal!

    • says

      Yes, I do take the ads for the stores I am price matching. In my area we receive the ads in a newspaper style bundle once a week in our driveway. Walmart policy states that they will match the price without the ad, but I always take them in to avoid any hassle. I usually match the Aldi produce prices, the meat prices from a local store and sometimes the BOGOs from Publix. The Publix is actually close to my house so I sometimes make a quick trip there instead of price matching, especially for items that Walmart doesn’t carry like the Eat Smart veggies and the Organic yogurt. Hope that helps! :)

      • Jennifer says

        Do you know walmart’s official policy regarding buy one get one free items? I live in MN and my local Walmart will not honor bogos. Thanks!

          • Marissa says

            What about store brands? Like if Pubilx had their brand of something on sale will wal-mart match it to their store brand? or will they only price match name brand items?

          • says

            Usually Walmart will match another store’s brand with the Walmart brand. I have had the most success with store brand meat prices, but I have had difficulty at times when the store brand has a name like Joe’s Coffee. Even though Joe’s Coffee is the store brand for that particular store, the cashiers sometimes don’t know that so I have had to talk to a manager.

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