Decluttering 10 Minutes a Day: My Projects This Week

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If you read my post 3 Reasons to Declutter Before Thanksgiving, then you know about the 10 Minutes A Day Decluttering Challenge. If you want to join in, we are taking 10 minutes a day to declutter one area of our home before the holidays.

I wanted to let you know that I am not just the president of the Decluttering Club, I am also a client. While it is extremely embarrassing to show you photos of my mess, I am revealing my weakness in the hopes that one or two of you with the same problem can feel encouraged.


I have a very bad habit of starting projects and not cleaning up after myself before I move on to something else.

This is a photo of my work area including my desk from earlier this week. The clothing is scattered everywhere because I took my winter clothes down from my bedroom closet (A cardboard box is not the best solution, but what I had available at the time). I was in a hurry to find something one evening when we were about to leave, so I quickly threw the items around and I never bothered to clean up my mess when we returned–sad, but true.

The magazines (free subscriptions from my FREEBIES posts) are for my art collage projects, one of which was in progress on the desk. The box on the green container held some items and papers that I needed to go through and organize.


Here is the new and much improved area!

Sometimes you just need to do a quick decluttering by placing items into a container to come back to later. I had several smaller items and papers that I need to go through, which I placed in the folders in the basket and in the pink and green containers.

I was able to pick up the shelf at the thrift store this week for $6 and the flat basket for $1.99. I already had the other containers. Even though the “mess” is still there, containing it makes the area look nicer and I am more motivated to take a few minutes later to go through the items in the containers and folders.

I folded and put away the clothes and placed the magazines into a box which is on a bookshelf. Working just ten minutes a day made a big difference!



I also had time to work on a smaller project. I forgot to take a before shot, but suffice it to say that this basket was a crazy collection of school supplies. I used plastic zipper bags (previously used and washed of course!) to group like things together. Now I can see at a glance what we have and what we are running low on.


The school supply basket stays on the shelf next to the kitchen table, so it’s important that it looks neat and uncluttered.


We were also able to add some items to the Give Away Box. I will leave this by the door for a few more days while we continue the decluttering and then I will take it to our local thrift store.


A lot can be accomplished by working just ten minutes a day! Setting a time limit helps you to get started because you realize that you won’t be trapped in clutter world forever. :)

How are you doing with the 10 Minutes A Day Decluttering Challenge? Leave a comment so we can cheer each other on!

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  1. says

    You are such an organized person. People think I am, but many times I am organized in some things and a wreck in others!
    This past week I worked on the ever so large and growing pile of laundry. It had gotten way past the every day amount I like to keep it at. I spent 30 minutes to an hour each day on it and am now laundry free. I will probably cry when someone changes clothes!
    Sometimes it’s so hard to break into these projects, but if we would just push ourselves and do it, we would realize it’s not that bad after all.

  2. says

    Seriously, thank you. I feel like I am generally alone in my inability to keep up with the clutter. I actually posted this am about my problem with abundance and giving away this am ( :). It’s a blessing to see someone else’s mess and the after pic that is doable… now, any tips on how to keep it that way? :). Thanks again! Amy

  3. Karen says

    I have been cleaning ten minutes a day since you challenged us. So far I have cleaned out and properly disposed of expired medicine from the medicine cabinet, straightedge up my tool box, and organized the pantry. It feels good.

  4. Marilyn says

    I love 10 minutes a day. Am a serious 😉 newbie paper crafter who is recovering from a foot fracture at my DMIL’s home – a 60 min flight and an island away. Crafting keeps me sane (surgery was8/3 ani just started PT on Friday) and I refuse to clutter up her home with crafting stuff. So today I made a container to store my 12×12 paper. Only took 5 min so I have another 5 to get some more stuff org. Think I have the same challenge as you – not putting things away when pau – little piles everywhere! Mahalo for your sharingsM

  5. Melissa says

    LOL, if that’s your clutter pile, I have about 20 of those around my house and about 3 times the size, and our toy room looks like the dump! I’m like you and start projects but never finish! 10 minutes a day… I think I could have the house ready by… next Christmas! I work full time so 10 mintues a day is perfect, I just need to make sure I pick small (teenie) areas to tackle so I finish. I literally have to tell myself frequently when organizing/ cleaning, “get the stuff put away, don’t get distracted, don’t walk away, FOCUS” Cleaning ADD I call it :)

  6. Beth says

    Love the 10 minute rule…But especially love the black/steel “corner” table in the “organized” pic of your work area. Been looking for something similar. Thanks, Beth

  7. says

    I’ve just completed a decluttering project in my kitchen pantry. It feels great to be able to see what I have and use it! :) Check it out on my website,

  8. Denise says

    Something that helps me is to use otherwise “wasted” time…for instance, while I am waiting for something in the microwave to finish (usually only a minute or two). During this time, I can usually unload half of the dishwasher. When my kids were young and liked to play in the bathtub after their bath, I would clean the sink or toilet. I was still in the room, but accomplishing something…

    • says

      Yes, Denise! I have learned to do that as well. We often overlook those small pockets of time, but they can enable us to accomplish quite a bit! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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