Fun Friday Shopping Totals 10/19 {+ Grocery Saving Tips!}

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Fun Friday Shopping Totals: See how I feed my family of six (including 3 teens) for around $125/week. See our $125 Budget Weekly Menu here

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SAVE A LOT–Spent $27.12.

PUBLIX-Spent $8.86.  

Savings Tip: Stock up when prices are lowest for your area.

We will use one of these bottles of salad dressing for our Greek Pasta Salad this week and save the other bottle for later.

WALMART–Spent $60.86.


Savings Tip: Save on spices by purchasing them in the ethnic sections of the grocery store. Read more here.


Savings Tip: Base your weekly menu around super sale items. Using the Walmart’s Ad Match Guarantee I was able to get 10 lbs of bananas for $.29/lb. We will eat some, freeze some and use the rest in Banana Pecan Muffins and Banana Berry Smoothies this week.


Weekly Total: $96.84

Monthly Total: $340.09    

($125/week budget for six people)


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  1. Mandy says

    I’m sorry to go off topic here (do love looking at your shopping) but I wanted to share this “shocker” with you. I live in FL. Our car insurance is up for renewal and I asked our agent (one agency that writes for many companies) to shop and make sure we were getting the best deal. I also mentioned that our oldest son would be turning 16 in February and I wanted a ballpark figure to add him to the policy. (I had been told a while back by a friend to expect it to double). She called me yesterday and said that $609 was the best price for our coverage for 6 months (2 vehicles). She also said that if our son were 16 now and we were adding him as an occasional driver, we would add $1,324 to the $609 for a total of $1,933/6 mo. That’s almost $4,000 a year to add our son as an occasional driver. I almost fainted!!!! How do people afford to let their teenagers drive??? BTW, we have a very high credit score, clean driving record, etc etc. and our vehicles are 8 and 6 years old with both having over 100,000 miles. This is crazy!!

    • says

      That is insane! We do have an older vehicle and will list our son as a secondary driver but our quote only added $205 every 6 months. I think I would check with some companies like Geico for a direct quote in the event that your agent is getting a commission. Just a thought. :)

      • Mandy says

        Great idea! Just went on line and got a GEICO quote. It costs more than what we are currently paying. I don’t think I can get a quote to add my son on line. This is so depressing!

  2. Dee says

    We’re in FL too and we have our car (and homeowners) with AAA. Yes, the auto club. Great rates and service.

    If you are not a member it might be worth becoming a member…

  3. Mari says

    My old car insurance company wanted to increase my cost from $92/month to $279/mo when my daughter got her license at 16 years, 11 months (two months ago). I work for a very large employer which has agreements with 3 companies to offer us car insurance at group rates I called them and Liberty Mutual offered the best deal – $123/month for the two of us with our one car with the same coverage (250/500, etc.). The Liberty Mutual guy said they have agreements with lots of companies, colleges (including alumni), etc. Try calling them and see what you can get either individually or through such an affiliation. Good luck to you and to your son – I’m so glad we don’t need to practice parallel parking anymore! :)

    I have had 3 no fault accidents in the last 22 months – in fact, the vehicles were parked outside our house (in different spots!) each time and the companies for the other drivers paid every time (no hit and runs, fortunately; first 2 were drunks and the last one 94 years old) and I must say the Geico claim experience was very good. The AAA experience – not so much… very unresponsive to me.

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