Wendy’s Frosty Coupon Books Available Now!

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Don’t forget to stop by your local Wendy’s restaurant to pick up a coupon book for 10 FREE Junior Frosties!┬áThe coupon book costs only $1.00 and all proceeds support the Dave Thomas Foundation.

Give the coupons out with your Trick or Treat candy, or save them for a treat for your own kids. :)

Please note: You may want to call ahead. These went pretty quickly last year.


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  1. Michelle Burton says

    I have been to every Wendy’s in Augusta, GA and all surrounding counties looking for Frosty coupon books for my twins 13th birthday party. Have not been able to find not one. This happens every year when I look for these books. The supply on these books are never enough. Disappointed in Georgia.

    • says

      I am so sorry. I usually call ahead to make sure that they are available. I wonder if you could contact the Wendy’s Headquarters and have them mail some to you.

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