Back To School: Lunch Ideas and Printables!

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Now that everyone’s back in school, one of the main tasks for mom is keeping the kids supplied with healthy lunches and snacks.

I have a couple of resources to help.


Check out my What’s For Lunch Pin Board here. If you need a creative spark for your kids’ lunches, these should do the trick. Just don’t get an inferiority complex if your child’s lunchbox doesn’t look like these every day! You could make Wednesday or Friday “special” lunch day and give yourself a break the rest of the week. :)


Click here to check out my list of 25 FREE Printable Lunch Notes. These will make your kids happy! (You can click through and “pin” the post so you can find it later. :) )


SnoWhite from Joy in My Kitchen has a great list of healthy after school snacks including her plan for making healthy snacks more accessible for your kids.

Click here to check it out.


What ideas do you have for making kids’ lunches more fun? Share in the comments! :)


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  1. says

    I have teen girls who get excited everyday for their lunch. This is the first year for that. I have just begun making their lunches for them so I know they are eating healthy. It’s funny that when I forget to send a note in their lunch, I hear about it, so I try to make sure there is one in there everyday. They love the simple fact they don’t get sandwiches everyday. Today they got whole wheat english muffins pizzas, pasta salad with their veggies hidden within, fruit and low fat low sugar homemade banana pudding (got 40 pounds of bananas for $8 this past weekend).

  2. Evelyn says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lunchbox notes!!! I send handwritten notes everyday for my two and was sooooo excited to find these fun ways to express my love!!! I’ve been wishing for some creative things to say to them as I typically say the same “I love you and God loves you” everyday. I lack in the creativity department. This will make lunches fun for ALL of us!!!

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