Packing Tips: How To Pack 5 Days Of Clothes In One Carry-On Bag

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How To Pack for 5 Days in One Carry On Bag - The Peaceful Mom


Packing Tips: See how I pack 5 days of clothes in one carry-on bag!

Atlantic Luggage sent me this great carry-on bag and asked me to pack as much as I can for our upcoming trip to visit family. This little bag has great features:

*It weighs only 6.5 pounds (which means I can pack more for airline flights before reaching the 50 lb limit!).

*It has a retractable handle and wheels so I don’t have to carry all 50 pounds of stuff.

*It has additional handles (with a velcro closure) so that I can use it as a duffle bag if I want.

*It has multiple zipper compartments so I can easily find things like my cell phone or laptop charger.


So let’s get started with the packing tips:

Start with your shoes in the bottom of the suitcase (you can place them in plastic shopping bags or zipper bags if you wish).

Roll socks, hose and other undergarments and tuck inside your shoes. I always take a pair of cheap flip flops to use in the bathroom and shower if we are staying in a hotel. They’re also great for going to the pool.


The bag that Atlantic Luggage sent me has a dividing flap that you can fold over to separate your shoes from your other clothing.


Fold your slacks in half (one leg over the other) and roll them from the legs up.

Place rolled jeans and slacks on top of your shoes.

Fold t-shirts into thirds before rolling up.

 Roll and pack t-shirts and knit tops.

Next pack your jewelry roll and toiletry bag. (Click here for tips on packing jewelry.)

If you’re flying remember the 3-1-1 rule: All liquids must be in 3 ounce or less containers, and all liquids and gels must fit inside one quart size zipper bag. I keep my quart zipper bag in the outside zipper pocket of my carry on bag so it’s easy to remove during the security screening.


 Fold dress shirts into thirds and pack on top.


All packed and ready to go!

Pack 5 Days in 1 Bag - Tips from The Peaceful Mom

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  • Laurel
    • Kimberlee

      I can’t believe she got all that in that suitcase. Haha!

  • Joan

    Great post! I am going to use these great tips! Thanks.

    • Kimberlee

      Thanks so much Joan.

  • KL

    How well would this work for winter clothes? I am trying to get 4 days worth of clothing (about 8 outfits when you consider layers) I am going to Northern Manitoba in November!! Any tips would be great, as I am from Florida, and winter is already so foreign to me.

    • Kimberlee

      I like layering thinner pieces of clothing when I am going to a colder climate. I pack a pair (or two) of long johns to wear under my clothing if it will be very cold. Definitely pack a warm scarf and gloves as well!

  • Kitty

    I just wanted to say thanks for this useful post. Whenever I go on trips with groups of people, they all bring these little sports bags while I’ve got my stuff in a big, rigid suitcase that takes up as much room as two other people’s luggage. Today I’m packing for another such trip, and believe me, I need all the help I can get to keep my stuff in a smaller space! Thanks a bunch! :)

    • Kimberlee

      You are very welcome Kitty. :)

  • Maya

    Best recommendation I ever got for packing a suitcase: pack everything ziplock bags! Use big ones for t-shirts and pants and small ones for underwear and socks. Two GREAT advantages. You can get all the extra air out before you seal them (I sit on them as I seal them), taking so much of the bulk out. Second it makes living out a suitcase so much easier. Looking for a pair of socks, just pull out the socks bag, and you don’t need to worry about messing up your t-shirts their bag can just be tossed aside and put back in when done.

    The only downside: watch the weight of your bag, with everything so compact you can fit a lot more weight in a suitcase.

    • Kimberlee

      Great tip. We actually did that for our last trip to Guatemala, but I didn’t think about including it in the post. Thanks!

  • Heather

    I love how you stuffed your shoes!

  • Kathy

    The ziplock bag thing for packing is great, but because of all the plastic, your bag will be opened up and checked more often then you would like because of the plastic, and that’s a pain in itself because the airlines while checking your bag, they don’t put the stuff back as neatly as you had it in the beginning. I stopped using the zip locks for that reason. But they were amazing at packing up!

  • Harriet

    Now all I need is a way to get 3 Harry Potter books in there lol.

    • Kimberlee Stokes

      Haha – maybe you should start with those Harriet. :)

  • Debi H

    I looked on the Atlantic Luggage website for that exact wheeled carryon and couldn’t find it. Do you have a link to the one they sent you? I’d love to get one! Thanks!

    • Kimberlee Stokes

      Hi Debi! So sorry, but I couldn’t find it either. I wonder if they discontinued that model?

  • Irene

    Some helpful ideas but be aware that most airlines only allow anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds weight limit for carry-ons. This severely limits what you can take in a carry-on. A few stateside airlines allow 40 pounds but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. I find that more and more airlines are weighing my hand luggage. The 50 pound weight limit is for checked baggage not carry-on.

    • The Peaceful Mom

      Thanks Irene. Yes, the 50 pound weight limit is for checked luggage but I have never had an airline weigh my carry on bag. I have had them measure the dimensions though and ended up checking a bag before I learned to pack more efficiently. It is a good thing to keep the weight of your bag in mind though.