Take Ten: Lots to Do!

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Take TenTM-Improve your life ten minutes at a time!

“The key to success whether you are trying to lose weight, break a bad habit or save money on your grocery bill is to consistently apply small changes over time.”

p. 27  Save More, Clip Less

One way I incorporate this principle of small changes over time is to choose a weekly project to work on ten minutes a day. Knowing it’s only ten minutes helps me to get started–even if the project seems overwhelming at first. Working on the goal daily helps me to develop discipline (hate the word, love the effects!).

So many projects to choose from this week, but I am going to narrow it to two. This week I’ll be spending ten minutes a day:

1.  Organizing digital photos on my computer–my arch nemesis! (Read about my method here);

2. Organizing home school books.


Would you like to join me in a ten minute a day project this week?

Choose an area you want to change or a project you have procrastinated on starting. When you decide what your Take TenTM project will be, you can leave a comment on this post to let us know what you’re planning–the more the merrier! :)

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  1. says

    I need to organize digital photos, too. But right now, my biggest priority is decluttering drawers. I’m a secret messy: everything looks nice and tidy when you walk in the house. Even the closets look nice. But, oh man, open any drawer besides the one for silverware and watch out. It’s a nightmare!

    So I’ll take 10 minutes a day sorting, tossing and organizing stuff in them. Great advice!

  2. Jennifer G says

    I know I have projects that could use 10 mins here and there, but quite honestly, I need to set that timer to do the “simple” things, like dishes, laundry, daily household chores (vacuuming, bathrooms, dusting,etc) Maybe if I spend 30 mins (in 10 min chunks) each morning and/or evening, then my home would be a much more pleasant place to spend time. And I’d feel like I have 10 mins to work on those extra projects :)

    • says

      It has taken a while for me to make those “basics” routine, so I definitely understand where you’re coming from. :) Setting the timer can be a great motivator.

  3. Torrey Huxley says

    We are leaving for a long drive in a week, and I would love it if I didn’t spend the day before we leave in a mad panic, packing! I will use my 10 mins to pack the kids bags and look for holiday gear.

  4. Kathy A. says

    I need to use my 10 minutes to work on the “to file” and “shred” piles of papers that are not getting smaller on their own! And I also would like to start scrapbooking again!

  5. trisha says

    Hi Kimberlee,
    I am so glade I stumbled upon your sight I think GOD knew what I needed.I am not an organized person that ten min. Thing sounds good. I will be reading your article later today about depression, I am sure it will help. I have been having back trouble for 6 monthes and I had to quit my job. So a lot of things I can not do so my life is tough right now. It seems your sight is going to give me direction. Maybe you can help me with brain storming about how to earn money w/o being on my feet. I just dumped a lot on you a stranger,sorry! So I do not know much about computers,so thanks for your sight. TRISHA

  6. Faye says

    I have a HUGE stack of mail and loose papers to go thru…it just keeepppsss growing. I need to use my ten to sort and toss things contained within it.

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