Road Trip Activity Bag #4: Cars Theme

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Taking a road trip? Every day this week I’ll be sharing a make-ahead road trip activity bag with simple snacks and activities to keep your kids happy (and you too!). Today’s bag has a car theme. All materials were purchased at Walmart.

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Store activities in brown paper lunch bags or zipper plastic bags and give them out once an hour (or at longer intervals if your kids are still interested in the bag they currently have).



Snack- Enjoy eating your Cars gummies!

Before the trip: Purchase Cars Gummies–can’t get much simpler than that!


Red Light-Green Light Game- Hold up the card so that the green light is on top. Tell your brother or sister and parents to wiggle like crazy. When you hold up the card so the red light is on top, everyone has to stop moving. The first one to stop moving gets to hold the card next.

Before the Trip: Cut circles (use a small lid to trace around) from yellow, green and red paper. Glue the circles onto an index card or piece of card stock.


Magnetic Car Tin- Decorate your car tin with your name and other stickers, then move your cars along the race track inside.

Before the trip: Trace the outline of an Altoids mint tin onto the paper backing of the magnetic sheet (or recycle an advertising magnet). Cut the magnet out and use it to trace an outline of the tin lid onto a colored sheet of paper. Cut out the colored paper and attach to the magnet sheet. Place the magnet on the top of the tin (magnetic side down so it will stick on the lid) with the colored paper facing up.


Inside View

For the inside of the tin: Trace the outline of the tin onto two sheets of colored paper (do not use card stock or construction paper because your magnets will not stay on the lid if the paper is too thick). Cut just inside the lines so that the paper will fit inside the lid and the bottom of the tin. Before you place the paper into the tin, draw a race track on the bottom piece of paper and add a checkered flag at the end of the track.

For the magnets on the inside lid of the tin, place stickers on the magnetic sheet and cut around them. Make sure to place stickers on the non-magnetic side of the sheet.


The finished tin should have:

*letter stickers for your child’s name on the top of the tin

*car-themed stickers to decorate the top of the tin during the trip.

*hot wheels car (only cars with a low profile will fit into the tin)

*small stickers to customize the hot wheels car (see below)

*crayons for activity book (optional)


Click here for more mint tin activity kits.


Customized Cars– Place stickers on your car to customize the look!

Before the trip: Purchase Hot Wheels cars (or use ones you already have) and small stickers. Flames, stripes and numbers are all great for this project.


Speed Tunnel- Drop your car into the tunnel and see how fast it comes out the other side.

Before the trip: Cover a paper towel roll with colored paper. Decorate it with stickers (or allow your child to decorate it on the trip). This will not fit into a paper lunch bag, but will fit diagonally into a gallon zipper plastic bag.

You can also print these FREE Road Trip Activity Cards from Diary of Regular Moms and include a car or road trip themed activity book.

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Print a Road Trip Activity Bag Materials List and Card-Cars.

NOTE: I am a huge fan of letting kids get bored. They are much more open to creative suggestions when they have not been constantly bombarded by electronic stimuli and when they have had a little bit of time with “nothing to do”.

When my children were younger, I used activity bags as a special treat on our road trips. I let the children sit for a long while reading or playing with a toy until they finally got to the point where I could see that frustration was about to set in. At that point, I gave them an activity bag.

If they did everything in the bag in 15 minutes, they could sit for a few minutes and stare out the window or think about playing with something from the bag again. I strongly believe that we should not entertain our children every minute of the day (or the car trip). The longer they can go between activities, the better it will be for you and them, so don’t give them all of the bags in the first hour. :)  With in-car dvd players, you can split up the ride with a couple of dvds as well.


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  1. KarenM says

    You are my kind of mom! I too, do not believe in all of the electronics and ‘entertaining’ children every minute! We went on many cross-country trips when I was a child and we didn’t have any of that stuff. Kids now days get ‘bored’ way too often. Because of my philosophy, my girls are all good readers and actually have an imagination!! Thanks for your ideas.

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