Tuesday {organize} Tip: Corral Your Cords

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Tuesday Tips-Make life easier (and cheaper)!

Today’s tip is to organize your corral your cords on the cheap using recycled materials.


Use bread bag tags to keep your phone charger cord neatly stored.


Store hair appliance cords inside card board tubes.


Use chip clips for kitchen appliance cords. 

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How do you keep your cords neat and organized? Leave a comment. :)


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  1. says

    My tactic is to run the cords only where I can’t see them. They are a MESS, but they are hidden behind the couch or the toaster oven or whatever. Lol. Out of sight. Out of mind!

  2. says

    I use my old hair clips from the 80’s! Remember the ones that look like jaws biting together. I had them in every color of the rainbow and never wear them in public anymore but they are extremely helpful for holding cords for cabinet storage or travel. Except my hairdryer has a retractable cord (at least until the retractor breaks like my mixer did!)

  3. Linda says

    WHen I put fans and heaters away for the next season, I roll cords into plastic bags and tape to the fan or heater. I wonder why the majority of these appliances do not have a way to wind the cords around them for storage? A couple of your ideas are new to me. Thank you.

  4. Stephanie says

    Twist ties!
    For years, I saved the twist ties that came with garbage bags (I closed the garbage bags by tying the corners together). Now I have a bazillion twist ties and use them for everything – including keeping cords tamed. Need a longer twist tie? Just twist two ends together (continue as much as needed – once I used 4 twist ties to get a job done).

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