10 Road Trip Ideas for Kids

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10 Ideas for Road Trips with Kids: Road trips can be an exciting adventure with your family, or hours of torture. Check out these ideas to make your next trip more fun for everybody (click each photo to read more):


1. Pack the essentials.


2. Make these DIY Road Trip Activity Bags.



 3. Make a DIY Magnet Board.



4. Make a road trip binder.




5.  Print fun games to take along.


6. Buy a Travel Survival Kit for the car.


7. Use creative snack containers.



8. Make healthy snacks or some Frito Snack Mix.



  9. Make a road trip pillow case.


10. Make personalized water bottles for the trip.


What are your best road trip ideas? Share a comment or a link. :)


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  1. Heather Sutherlin says

    I love this! Fabulous ideas! Can I add a link? I just posted some fun road trip games on my site, HeatherSutherlin.com

  2. Jennifer says

    I have taken many trips with kids with special needs, physical and emotional as well as just kids without special needs. Road trips can be hard, but if they have something to look forward to they work hard to get it. We had a magnet board in our van with everybody name on it. If they hit or yelled they recieved a magnet if they did something good a magnet was removed. When we stopped, We had two Prize boxes those without magnets picked from one. those with one picked from another, if you had two you waited until next stop. Most of the time all of the kids were picking from the big prize box.

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