Thrift Store Finds

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I love saving money and one of my favorite places to shop for deals is our local thrift store. I can find clothing, household items and more for 75%-90% off, and many items are brand new with the tags still on!

Here are some of my recent finds:

We love books and the shelves to store them on, but I like them even better when I can add decorative accents. I found this silver bowl for $2.00 and thought it made a nice addition. The clock actually came from an earlier trip to this store.


This metal basket was just $.99 and is great for holding washcloths in our hall bathroom. (Evidently I am pretty proud of the fact that it only cost $.99, because I forgot to take the price tag off–haha!).

This beautiful wooden basket is just what I needed to hold miscellaneous items that end up on our kitchen cart (items we need to mail, return to someone, etc.) and it matches the cart perfectly!


I also found this cute cutting board/serving tray. It’s great for serving cheese and fruit.

What have you found at the thrift store lately? Leave a link or a comment. :)


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  1. says

    I have been hitting the thrift stores lately for maternity clothes! I REFUSE to pay full price for maternity clothes! I love the days that we get an extra 50% off!

  2. Nancy says

    I just went to the Salvation Army thrift store in my town of Great Falls, MT yesterday and I found a cute vintage shirt dress $4 and vintage prom dress $14. My favorite thing was the vintage collectible plate featuring the state of Louisiana…which is my home state $0.50.

  3. Alana says

    Baby soother swing for $20 (usually sell for $150)
    Baby clothes galore, nothing over $2

    Also did you know Ikea has an “As Is” section where you can buy loads of furniture for deep discounts? Take a peek there on tuesdays and kids eat free :-)

    • says

      Yes Alana, actually I found a perfectly good basket discounted 50% and our tv stand was 60% off already assembled and I can’t find a single thing wrong with it. :)

  4. Valerie Brice says

    I always find something too, my brother recently found a 50’s camera that he sold online for much more.

  5. Mandy says

    My most recent “score” is a 100% silk, Talbot’s sundress in perfect condition for $6 at Goodwill. LOVE IT! That’s my kind of shopping.
    Waaaaaaaa! I live in a major, southern city that does NOT have an IKEA….or a Trader Joe’s. Our mayor needs to get busy!!! haha

  6. Bekah says

    I just got back from the thrift store and I came home with a great wicker dog bed with a cushion so my dogs will stop fighting over the one they’ve been sharing and a great little crystal bowl that was made in Austria (still had the sticker on it)!!

  7. Ali says

    I got married in March, and my mom was helping me with quite a bit. She had so much fun searching for vases for my centerpieces in thrift stores. Each of the ten tables had 3 vases on them. She also got all kind of neat glass containers for the candy buffet that we had instead of favors. Needless to say my mom has more glass dishes than she knows what to do with now, but she had so much fun finding them, and it was a pretty inexpensive way to get things for the wedding.

    Loving the blog!

  8. Bella Mae says

    First I want to tell you how glad I am to have found your site…I’m loving the ideas, the blog & the comments! Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Second, I almost exclusively shop at thrift stores. The current steal deal was Johnson & Murphey penny loafers for my husband, new, $5.00! I would never pay the $100+ for shoes….

  9. Mandy says

    Clothes for my 4 month and 8 yr old girls. Also found a FP toy that retails for $120.00 (yes I nearly choked on that price tag) for $4.99. I purchased the sorter and acessory pieces that go with it new off ebay for 9.99 (no shipping). So for $14.98 I have a great toy that my little one will grow into for a very small amount of money!

  10. Attalie says

    I find lots of great stuff at thrift stores. I live between two larger towns, so I have thrift stores on both sides. I find clothes, shoes, handbags, and my favorite thing of all – vintage jewelry!!! I found a broach the other day…it looked old, so I searched around online until I found one similar. Turns out similar ones sold at major dept. stores in the late 60’s – score!! :)

  11. says

    I just got home from Sacramento and two days of thrifiting! Very small thrift stores in my dinky town! Let’s see, I got clothes, glassware that matches my collections, decorative things and who knows what else LOL Could have brought home MUCH MORE but no room for it!

  12. Torrey Huxley says

    My mom is the queen of thrift store shopping, I have learned a lot from her in this department. We try to go to the thrift stores in wealthier neighbourhoods, they always have better quality stuff : ). I buy kids books, clothes, frames for the kids pictures, toys, baskets, furniture, coffee mugs, craft stuff, puzzles, sports bags and backpacks… I LOVE thrift stores!! My problem is being selective : ) Always try to picture where the thing you’re buying is going to go in your home or how you’re going to use it!

  13. Margie Diaz says

    I have just started buying furniture items at thrift stores. I was given a Vintage Faux Bamboo/Bali Hai Henry Link Collection 5-pc dresser about a yr ago and left in tact. I loved it! Just recently, I found the dresser for $20 and I’m in the process of doing my first makeover. I also got a Vintage Faux Bamboo Writing table with chair for $15. Also, a twin-size headboard with Vintage Faux Bamboo/Japanese imprint on it for $15. When I went on-line to research, it’s worth alot of money. I just want to cut the legs and hang on the wall. I will create a web for before/after pictures as well. Love the items @ thrift stores!

  14. Kate says

    Hi, I love shopping thrift stores and am always finding awesome stuff! The neatest recent find. My mom had purchased Bunnikins China for each of her grandchildren as they were born years ago. She never bought for the last 2 because they were born 7 years later and she no longer was living in England. Do you know that we were in a thrift store just last week and they had 2 sets, still in the box, for $10. each??!! I thought she was going to cry, she was so excited, and so was I!!

    I have been subscribed to your site for about a month now. I really enjoy reading all the posts and articles! I am a homeschool mom of 6, 4 of them teenagers! I love feeling like I am not the only one out there who is trying to be wise and frugal and still provide nicely for my family. Thank you for all the work you put into this site! God Bless you!

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