Tuesday {organize} Tip: Make a Weekly Plan

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Tuesday Tips-Make life easier!

Today’s tip is to make a weekly plan.


I don’t know about you, but my life easily gets out of control and I find that I am not taking care of the things that are most important. Usually the chaos has ensued because I failed to plan and I get too busy taking care of things that are urgent (the phone is ringing, a child is crying, the oven is smoking, etc.), but not necessarily important (eternal).


The last two weeks have been like that for me, so I have re-committed to my weekly planning time on Sunday evenings. I like to plan for the entire week so that I get everything done, but don’t end up with one super busy day that leaves me frustrated and exhausted. Looking at a larger chunk of time helps me to bring balance to my life.

Over time, I have changed the tools that I use to plan, but one thing that really helps me is my Weekly Goal Planner.


Weekly Goal Planner

This planner encompasses all of the important areas of my life and keeps them in front of me. When I fail to use the Goal Planner, I definitely see a difference in my life–I feel more disorganized, overwhelmed and guilty for not accomplishing what I want and need to do.  (You can print your own copy by clicking the photo above.)

The goal planner helps me with the big picture, but I also like to write a more specific plan for the week in which I roughly schedule what needs to be done each day. For me personally, scheduling specific times isn’t helpful because things come up and quickly get me off track. It does help to have a general plan with items that need to be done during the morning, afternoon and evening. You can see a sample of my weekly plan here.


If you would like to start making a weekly plan, I have several printable planners for you to choose from (or you can create your own). Click the pictures below to read more about each planner.

[I know there are much more technologically advanced ways to stay organized, but I find that writing my plans by hand makes an impression on my mind and I am more likely to stick to the plan.]


Weekly Planner 1

General planner with no specific times.


Weekly Planner 2

Hourly schedule


Weekly Planner 3

 Daily routine and general time frames.

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Do you make a weekly plan? Has it helped you be more organized? Leave a comment.


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  1. Anna says

    Just 10 minutes ago I told my husband that I wanted to plan out the next 2 weeks on paper. We are gearing up to be gone for 2 week and getting things on paper will help the preparations seem much more manageable. Thanks so much for the useful tools.

  2. Magda says

    I love your planners and the REMINDER TO LIVE LIFE INTENTIONALLY!!

    Would it be ok to ask you if you are still using the Weekly Goal Planner (as per this blog entry) to begin planning your week or have you moved onto your Weekly Plans that you create in your journals (ie that have the headings : Self, People, Passion, Purpose etc), or are now just using these 2014 new pages – http://thepeacefulmom.com/2014-weekly-planning-pages-personal-size/ ?

    Thanks so much for all your work on organisation! It is really very helpful! (will you be writing an ebook about it all?).

  3. Magda says

    and in addition to above – do you still use the Binder at home, which includes your weekly planner 3 (http://thepeacefulmom.com/2011/08/31/the-peaceful-mom-weekly-planner-3/) AND the weekly goal planner (above)?
    or have you pared down to the one planner for everything like the one you here – http://thepeacefulmom.com/2014-weekly-planning-pages-personal-size/
    Sorry about all this questions, your planners are very helpful – also reading about your processes and how they all fit together.
    Thanks again Kimberlee.

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