$100 Budget Weekly Menu 6/1 (+ recipes!)

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$100 Budget Weekly Menu (for six people including three teens): Menu planning saves money!

See what we’re eating this week with a $100 grocery budget. Check back later today to see my grocery shopping for this week (and link up your shopping!).

Read more about how I stick to a $100 a week budget in my FREE e-book Save More-Clip Less.

Print your own customizable menu planner form here.



*Items marked with an asterisk were purchased in previous weeks in the $100 Budget and are in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

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Egg and Cheese Bagel* (bagels previously purchased)

Yogurt, banana

Cheese toast, cantaloupe slices

Homemade waffleshomemade waffle syrup

Cereal with milk x2

Scrambled eggs, watermelon



Turkey Pepper Jack Grilled Cheese, pickle

PBJ, apple slices*

Quesadillas, pineapple slices (tortillas previously purchased)

Tuna salad

Salami slices, pepper jack cheese, cucumber

Turkey Sandwich, pickle

Nachos, avocado slices



Delicious Steak Fajitas, corn on the cob, Tomato Cucumber Salad

Taco Bowls (Beantastic Taco Meat on corn chips with taco toppings)

Crunchy Chicken Salad, pineapple slices

BBQ Bacon Burgers, Home Fried Potatoes

Baked potatoes with  bacon and cheese, garden salad  (Watch my Best Baked Potatoes video here.)

Hot Dogs*, baked beans

Spicy Chicken Thighs*, steamed green beans*



What are you eating this week? Leave a comment or link. :)

Please Note: I post my weekly menu to encourage menu planning and to give meal ideas, not as a nutritional standard. You should feed your family based on your priorities and values.

If you would like menu planning help, check out Emeals*–weekly menus based on your local store’s sales including recipes and a grocery list!


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  • http://purposelyfrugal.com Katy @ Purposely Frugal

    I’m really impressed that you feed 6 people for $100 a week!! Does that $100 include eating out or non-food groceries like shampoo or is it just food? I do lots of things to keep our groceries low (Sam’s Club, generic brand, beans, bountiful baskets, etc…) But I’ve been having trouble staying under my goal, which is $300-$350 a month for 3 of us. That does not include eating out a couple times a week and non-food groceries.

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      The $100 includes only food. I have a separate budget for non-food items that is between $25 and $30 a month. If we eat out we take that out of entertainment money, but we don’t have that very often (usually about once or twice a year as a family).

    • http://www.servingjoyfully.com Crystal @ Serving Joyfully

      Katy, I just posted a huge list on my blog of things we do to save on groceries. Our grocery budget is $200/month for a family of 4, but my children are only 2 and 4 and tend to be light eaters (although my 4 year old has been eating as much as an adult lately!). My grocery budget does include some household items, but not eating out which we rarely do.

      Here is the link if you’re interested: http://www.servingjoyfully.com/2012/05/31/budget-series-frugal-living-groceries/

  • http://purposelyfrugal.com Katy @ Purposely Frugal

    Just finished downloading your free ebook! Thanks!!!

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      You are very welcome Katy. :)

  • http://www.hopelonginglife.com Jennifer

    I shopped for the whole month today using onceamonthmom.com plan and I only spent $212 for my family of four! I will have to fill a few perishables, but we are pretty set. Thank for your inspiration it has really stirred my heart to make some changes

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      Wow–that’s great Jennifer!

  • http://www.servingjoyfully.com Crystal @ Serving Joyfully

    My menu is here: http://www.servingjoyfully.com/2012/06/02/meal-plan-vacation-edition/

    It looks a little different this week because it’s filled with quick and easy snacks, breakfasts, and lunches for travelling.

  • http://www.cheapthrillsinomaha.com Lisa @ Cheap Thrills

    Loving the Beantastic Taco Meat recipe! Thanks for that! Found you on Menu Plan Monday.

    My menu is here: This week’s menu

    My chronicle of $350/month is here: $350/Week in 2012

  • http://mommyswisewords.blogspot.com Sheri

    AHH! can I cry? this is exactly what I’ve been needing! now the $100 a week is only for food am I right? what do you spend monthly for other household items?

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      Hi Sheri! Yes, the $100 is just for food. I spend between $25 and $40 on non-food depending on the month. I like to stock up on things like toilet paper and shampoo when they’re on sale.

  • http://purposelyfrugal.com Katy @ Purposely Frugal

    You’ve inspired me!! I’m challenging myself to keep our food groceries under $300-$350 this month! I’ve had our groceries that low before, so I know I can do it again! I’ll be reading your ebook too! Thanks for your example! :)

  • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

    Thanks for your encouragement Katy. It takes a little work to keep the budget lower, but you can do it! :)

  • http://everydaysablessing.blogspot.com/ Rory

    I’m so impressed and this is great motivation for me. I’m just learning to live on a very tight budget myself.

  • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

    My primary ways of keeping costs down are to base my menus on whatever is on sale that week. If the prices are really good, I try to stock up on several sale items to use in future weeks. You can download my FREE e-book to read more. :)

  • Sara

    Thank you for what you do! The information you make available is a lot of help… I find your menus and recipes oh so helpful. Just wanted to say thanks!

  • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

    Thanks so much for letting me know Sara! I’m glad you find them helpful. :)