$100 Budget Weekly Menu 5/25

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$100 Budget Weekly Menu (for six people including three teens!): Menu planning saves money!

See what we’re eating this week for around $100. (Some items were purchased in previous weeks in the $100 budget and are marked with an asterisk.)

Check back later today to see my grocery shopping for this week (and link up your savings!).

Read more about how I stick to a $100 a week budget in my e-book Save More-Clip Less.

Print your own customizable menu planner form here.

*Items marked with an asterisk were purchased in previous weeks in the $100 Budget and are in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

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Homemade waffles, homemade waffle syrup

Fried eggs with spinach, orange slices*

Cinnamon raisin bagels* with cream cheese*

Cheese toast, banana

Cereal with milk x2

Scrambled eggs with cheese, sliced strawberries



Romaine Salad with Italian Chicken

Homemade Pizza Bagels, cucumber slices

Tuna Salad

PBJ, apple slices*

Nachos, avocado slices

Canned soup*, grilled cheese

Turkey sandwich, tortilla chips*



Crunchy Chicken Salad, pineapple

Steak* and peppers, rice

Hot dogs*, romaine salad

Taco Bowls (Beantastic Taco Meat, cornchips, toppings), Cucumber Tomato Salad

Black Bean Chicken Chili

Baked potato, bacon, broccoli

Burgers, steamed green beans, Home Fried Potatoes


What are you eating this week? Leave a comment or link. :)

Please Note: I post my weekly menu to encourage menu planning and to give meal ideas, not as a nutritional standard. You should feed your family based on your priorities and values.


If you would like menu planning help, check out Emeals*–weekly menus based on your local store’s sales including recipes and a grocery list!


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  1. Melissa Clark says

    Love the menus. I have learned a ton from this page. I’ve instituted the no money days, and I’m now making a plan for my menu for the week. I do have a question. Are you able to freeze celery and those bagged apples and they come out not mushy or extremely wet? Since I plan on shopping one day, I need these things to last. Thanks so much!!

  2. Mindy says

    Thank you for sharing your GF recipes!!! We also deal with GF cooking. We eat alot of rice and chicken! Tonight we will have pork in the crockpot with brown rice and corn.

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