Take Ten: Taming the Chaos

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Take TenTM-Improve your life ten minutes at a time!

“The key to success whether you are trying to lose weight, break a bad habit or save money on your grocery bill is to consistently apply small changes over time.”

p. 27  Save More, Clip Less

One way I incorporate this principle of small changes over time is to choose a weekly project to work on ten minutes a day. Knowing it’s only ten minutes helps me to get started–even if the project seems overwhelming at first. Working on the goal daily helps me to develop discipline (hate the word, love the effects!).

Last week I diligently worked on my blog project for ten minutes a day (actually more like hours a day!) Meanwhile, the entire house fell apart–haha! 

So this week I’ll be spending ten minutes a day getting the house back in order. If I just focus on one room at a time for ten minutes, I won’t be overwhelmed. I will also be recruiting the help of four children who happen to live in my house. :)


Would you like to join me in a ten minute a day project this week?

Choose an area you want to change or a project you have procrastinated on starting. When you decide what your Take TenTM project will be, you can leave a comment on this post to let us know what you’re planning–the more the merrier!

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  • Anna

    Weve all just gotten over the stomach flu in our house, including me. So my house completely fell apart. My project is to get my house back in order and all my laundry done.

  • Janet Bavido

    I need to go through 30+ years of family photos. I have only put together one photo album in all those years. The younger kids don’t even know what the older kids looked like as little people! I’ve needed to do this for a long time, obviously, but now, to top it off, a lady at my church is putting together a quilt for my oldest son and his new bride, and she wants photos from his childhood to transfer to fabric for this quilt. Oh no!! Prayer would be appreciated!

  • Sarah

    This is just the change I’ve needed to get me started on my list of things that have needed to be done for literally years! I’m going to take 10 minutes each day and tackle a different section of my kitchen. Thanks for the motivation!

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      You are very welcome Sarah!

  • Christine

    I will be focusing on my kitchen and dining area mostly this week, but to keep up on the rest of the house, I will do 10 minutes a day in each of the other rooms.

  • Leslie

    My home OFFICE! Seriously between sick pets, deadlines, taxes etc. it looks like the entire contents of my desk threw up all over the room. Where to start….where to start….

  • Nelle

    First comment I’ve ever left on a blog!! (exciting) anyways:
    I’m going to go home tonight and paint my son’s bedroom! We built a house starting last August and still have yet to finish details. My son just turned one so he’ll be needing his space to throw toys around and mommy wants her closet back… Pray I dont loose focus to complete this by the time working, dinner, baths and fence building has ended tonight!

  • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

    Congratulations on leaving your first comment. :) Praying for lots of focus for you.

  • Nelle

    Thank you! =)