Take Ten: Fail!

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Take TenTM-Improve your life ten minutes at a time!

“The key to success whether you are trying to lose weight, break a bad habit or save money on your grocery bill is to consistently apply small changes over time.”

p. 27  Save More, Clip Less

One way I incorporate this principle of small changes over time is to choose a weekly project to work on ten minutes a day. Knowing it’s only ten minutes helps me to get started–even if the project seems overwhelming at first. Working on the goal daily helps me to develop discipline (hate the word, love the effects!).


Digital Photo Organization

Last week I planned to spend ten minutes a day organizing the photos on my computer (read more about my method here). Well that didn’t happen, but I did unpack 2 boxes that have been sitting in our hallway since we moved 3 weeks ago. As my daughter said,”Wow Mom, there’s no box in the hall–weird.” It’s sad when clutter becomes a permanent fixture–haha!

This week I’ll be spending ten minutes a day on a blog project. (I think you’re going to like it. :) )


Would you like to join me in a ten minute a day project this week?

Choose an area you want to change or a project you have procrastinated on starting. When you decide what your Take TenTM project will be, you can leave a comment on this post to let us know what you’re planning–the more the merrier!

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  1. says

    I know a little about failure! This is a great idea…I think I’ll focus on sorting through books to get rid of this week! It overwhelms me, but 10 minutes a day is doable!

    Hope your move went well!

  2. says

    I think I am going to join you on the 10 minutes a day on a blog progect! I am on 3rd shift for another 5-6 weeks and I am having a huge problem getting everything done… plus enough sleep!

  3. says

    I think I’ll try organizing my computer photos (not to copy you) I just got a new laptop, and the file transfers left everything in one heap.

  4. Ali says

    I have been following your blog for several weeks now, and I am so loving it. I’ve never really followed a blog much, but yours has been so nice. I have really enjoyed taking up menu planning, and your tips were a big help! I have finally committed to a take ten project.

    My schedule has recently changed (I’m a married college student, no kids), so I am home more during the days, and I’ve been LOVING watching tv during the day. My “take ten” project will be cleaning and organizing during the commercials of the shows that I watch during the day. I moved into my husband ‘s condo when we got married (2 months tomorrow!) and I am still having trouble fitting my stuff into his, now our space.

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