A Small Oversight

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One of my children has a strong affinity for doughnuts. Actually, this child may have a slight addiction, but there is no twelve step group for doughnut recovery.

In honor of this child it is only fitting that we had a doughnut birthday “cake” this week. Just one little problem: said child is not turning “1”.

This is what happens when mom forgets to buy the birthday candle. :(


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  1. diane says

    THANK YOU!!!! my daughter turned 18 yesterday. do you think i could find the pack of candles I bought YESTERDAY for her cake LAST NIGHT? noooo. So, I dug out the “8” candle from my son’s 8th bd in March (and his sister’s from march 2 years ago, and God only knows who else’s 8 bd….), had a spare 1 candle… but the wick in the 8 was GONE. so it said 1 (flame) 8 (no flame) with 8 candles DH dug up some place and lit. RIGHT up til the long stem lighter died. LOLOL.

    Thank you GOD that our children <3 us anyway!

  2. says

    This reminds me of the time that I decided I could make one of those barbie dress birthday cakes and use a regular new barbie and it looked great until we lit the candles and found out that barbie hair is extremely flammable …. 😀

  3. Erin says

    Yes, good thing they still love us anyways… I mean it’s a doughnut cake… who wouldn’t love that? Who cares what the candle says? :) Looks so yummy right now!

  4. HeatherP says

    At least you didn’t forget the birthday overall. :) And you were thoughtful enough to make it a donut cake. I’m sure the sugar rush made the child forget all about the candle. 😉 Have a great day! Oh, and thanks for reminding me to make sure I have candles for our bday party this weekend!! :)

  5. Anita says

    Nice to know I’m not the only one! My son just turned 11. Forgot to buy candles so he decided we would use two candles since “8” and “3” equaled 11. One day I’ll look at that picture with “83” on the cake and wonder what on earth I was doing!

  6. Tricia H says

    When my kids were young..we had dougnut cake on the day of their birth and cake at the party with their friends…nice tradition!

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