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I slept in my van last night…

We recently had some mechanical trouble with our van so we took it to our trusted mechanic. We were informed that our van is unrepairable because the part that it requires isn’t manufactured anymore and isn’t available used. In addition, while the total value of the vehicle is around $1200, the repairs would cost more than $1500 if they were able to get the parts.

This information came as no big surprise. We have had our current van for over ten years and planned on driving it until it died. What was a surprise was our emotional response to losing it. It has actually become a part of our family in a way.

Today the car will be towed away so last night my daughter wanted to sleep in it as a way to say good bye. Everything in me wanted to say no. I knew it would be uncomfortable, and I wasn’t willing to let her sleep in it by herself.

After thinking about it I decided that when I am 89 years old and on my deathbed I want to be talking with my daughter about that night we spent in the van outside our house.

So we dressed in 3 layers of clothes, drug our pillows and blankets out to the van and tried to get comfortable. We had some good discussions and a lot of laughs, but we only made it until 2:00 a.m. (my back wasn’t happy!).

The entire episode just made me realize how often I let little moments slip by. From now on I’m going to be more conscious of those times and seize the moment because those moments are what memories are made of.

And that is what I want my parenting to be about.


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  1. Dawn Paulson says

    Yes! This reminds me of the scene in Courageous where the daughter asks her daddy to dance with her but he is too embarrassed to dance with her on the grass outside the bank.
    Also makes me think of an article I read that has changed the way I view my parenting:

    Since viewing my children in this way, I now seem to notice the Kairos times and cherish them, and even create more of them.

  2. Alanna says

    What a great memory! Sometimes I have to stop and think “what’s the harm” and just go with it. Yesterday my 3 year old picked out a heart donut for all of us at the supermarket and waited until I got home to eat it, so we had donuts before dinner and she sat on my lap the entire meal and we just enjoyed our family time :)

  3. Mary Ann Scholl says

    That was so good that you took the time to sleep the last night in the car with your child (even if it was just till 2:00 am). These are the moments we will cherish through the years. Way to go for being such a special mom!

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