Notice Anything Missing?

by Kimberlee Stokes Affiliate Link Disclosure B

Notice anything missing? I may have some real food later, but I decided for now to give into my inner child and have the brownie edges for dinner. Sometimes ya just gotta enjoy life, right?

Now off to watch Julie & Julia to get my chick flick fix. :)

What are you doing tonight?


  • http://www.allergictoair.com Jessica

    I would totally be fighting you for those!!!

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      I might share if you’re nice. :)

  • jennifer Brown

    Just got done making Artisan bread and chocolate cookies. Mmmmmm! (I had to cook for my inner kid too)

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      Mmm–chocolate cookies sound good!

  • Wendy

    Yeah, my favorite part is missing, you might as well make it look uniform and eat the rest of the edges =)

    • http://thepeacefulmom.com Kimberlee

      I think you’re right Wendy. :)

  • kathy

    LOL…I do that too!

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