After Christmas Organization

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Along with putting away the decorations, I like to take the few days after Christmas to get organized so I can enjoy a Stress Free Christmas next year!


 Holiday Snapshot

The first thing that I do is fill out The Peaceful Mom Holiday Snapshot from The Peaceful Mom Happy Holidays Planner. (Click here to join and print your FREE copy!)

While everything is still fresh on my mind, I write down what I enjoyed about this Christmas and what I didn’t. I write down anything that was particularly stressful and how I can improve that problem for next year. I also ask my family for their input.


Christmas Folder

If you watched my Stress Free Christmas Video Series (click here to view) you know that I like to use a folder to stay organized during the holidays. The folder is used for the current’s years items such as the children’s wish lists, my master gift list (from the Happy Holidays Planner), address list for Christmas cards, Christmas stamps, receipts, etc.


During the week after Christmas I remove the children’s wish lists and anything else particular to this year (such as receipts) and move them to my Holiday Planning Binder. I leave the Master Gift List and address list in the folder for next year.

I also take a look through the binder and remove anything that is no longer relevant.

(Note: I noticed that most of the best photo developing deals were in the month of November. This next year I plan to have our family photo taken the first week of November so I can be ready for the deals!)



Stocking Stuffers

One of our family’s favorite traditions is opening stocking gifts on Christmas morning. I like to purchase little gifts that I think the children will enjoy throughout the year so I have a plastic zipper bag labeled with each child’s initials which I store in an undisclosed location (in the event that anyone in my family is reading this!). I put the gifts in the bags and then I take a look at them the first of December to see what I might need to fill in.

The day after Christmas I take the bags and put them away in preparation for all of the goodies I will find in the coming year.


If you will take a few minutes this week to prepare for next Christmas you will have a much more enjoyable December in the coming year! 

What are some things you do to prepare for next Christmas? Leave a comment and let us know. :)

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  1. says

    I like the ziplock bags with stocking stuffer items picked up all year long…although my kids are adults now, I like to do stocking stuffers besides the one big gift they get now. Thanks for the idea!-Susan

  2. jacque burk says

    As I’m putting Christmas away, I make a list of neds for the following year….cocktail napkins, candles, etc. I attach samples of any wrapping paper I’ve gotten on sale, along with a list of ribbon color, style etc…it’s fun to do different themes each year. I keep this information in my shopping planner.

  3. Autumn says

    I can’t believe I haven’t thought about this before! I’m usually a very organized person, but Christmas for some reason always side swipes me.

    I can’t wait to go home and get this all planned for next year. Thank you so much!

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